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5 Benefits of Schisandra

5 Benefits of Schisandra

As with so many herbs and natural remedies that have been known and used for ages in the East, the Western world has only recently learned the benefits of a Schisandra red berry known as “limonnik” to the Russians. It has a distinctly lemony flavor and was used by Russian Nanai hunters to handle thirst and hunger while improving night vision. Also known as Schisandra, this miracle berry is one of several plants known as adaptogens.
Adaptogens are one-hundred percent natural plant-based substances that help your cells adapt to the various stresses you encounter in your environment.
Ever been sick, injured or tired? Environmental stress is no fun and can make life tough. Over time you can start to feel more and more tired and worn down. Enter adaptogens. These handy herbs step in where your cells are lacking the resources to deal with stress. They help your body adapt to different conditions, hence the name. Adaptogens were discovered and first appeared in scientific literature shortly after World War II. They were discovered by the Russians, but now the whole world can benefit from them.
Difference adaptogens have different “specialties”. So what can Schisandra do?

Say Goodbye to Anxiety and Stress

If you’ve never experienced anxiety or stress, raise your hand. We thought so. Whether it comes from your job or something else, stress is hard to escape in this day and age. While you can (and should) look for ways to eliminate stressors, it isn’t always possible.
In addition to life changes that will relieve stress (new job, “you” time reserved each day, more exercise, etc.), Schisandra has been proven to reduce stress by acting as a mild sedative. It can calm and relax you, leaving you feeling better able to tackle your day.

Healthier Skin

“The Schisandra berry was cherished by Chinese royalty for its beauty and anti-aging qualities.” Because it is high in vitamins E and C, limonnik, also called the five-flavor berry” in China, can help skin retain moisture for a healthier look. And who doesn’t want that?

High in Antioxidants = Anti-inflammatory

A lot has been written about antioxidants and for good reason. They prevent free radicals (unstable atoms) from stealing electrons from your cells. Sounds good, right? What’s even better is that antioxidants also have an anti-inflammatory effect. Free radicals can cause inflammation, which in turn can cause a host of body problems.
Ever heard of diabetes or atherosclerosis (hardening arteries)? Inflammation is a factor in these and many other conditions, so preventing it can lead to better health.

Lung and Liver Health

It is rare to find an herbal remedy that helps not just with lung function, but also with liver health. According to Indigo Herbs, “the Schisandra Berry is a fantastic liver detoxifier.”
Since we rely on our livers to remove toxins from our systems, anything we can do to support and strengthen this important organ will lead to better overall health.

Save the Best for Last

As our bodies age or as we undergo continuous stress, our nervous system can pay the price. The nervous system is like the switchboard for the body. It handles the messages going to and from the brain. In other words, it’s kind of important.
Schisandra is one of the only adaptogens specifically designed to support the nervous system. Have you heard of something called a “spinal reflex”? These handy reflexes bypass the brain entirely, reacting instantly without you having to “tell” your body to move. Consider them nature’s way of keeping us alive when split seconds matter. Schisandra has been scientifically proven to decrease spinal reflex times. Pretty amazing!
Sometimes things are too good to be true, but in the case of Schisandra, it’s as good as it sounds.

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