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Adaptogens for Sleep

Adaptogens for Sleep

Stores are flooded with products claiming to be able to boost energy levels, but most of them are just combinations of sugar and caffeine. They will give you a spike of energy, sure, but more often than not they will leave you feeling jittery and wired. Not exactly a soothing, sleep-inducing feeling.
To add to that, these types of energy products tend to wear off quickly, leaving you feeling worse than before and causing you to reach for yet another energy product. This may be good for the energy product companies, but it certainly isn’t good for the consumer.

Adaptogens vs Caffeine

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens got their name because they are specific kinds of herbs that help the cells in your body ADAPT to environments that are putting stress on your body.
Luckily, adaptogens are different. Your typical energy drink works by introducing sugar or caffeine rapidly into your bloodstream (kind of like a drug if you think about it.) If typical energy products are like what you’d get from that sketchy guy on the corner, then adaptogens are what you’d get from you’re best friend/yoga instructor/holistic life coach who always offers you sound and realistic advice.
Adaptogens work from the inside out. They aren’t looking for a quick, fleeting fix. Instead, they work by isolating areas where your body has weakened due to chronic stress. Then they fill in to give your body the help it needs to perform its natural functions. Adaptogens got their name because they are specific kinds of plant-based, one-hundred percent natural herbs and berries that help the cells in your body ADAPT to environments that are causing stress.

How Do Adaptogens Help With Sleep?

At BOOSTme we use a proprietary blend of all four of these adaptogens. The result is a supplement that can make good on the promise to both boost energy naturally and help with sleep.
Our adaptogens do this by helping with something called homeostasis. Homeostasis is just a fancy term for when your body is working in harmony and balance. Because adaptogens work from the inside out, they boost and sustain energy naturally while also bringing you closer and closer to a state of homeostasis.
Producing energy and producing sleep are both natural functions of a well-tuned body. A body in homeostasis can perform all of its functions well. You can take adaptogens at night, right before bed for good night sleep or first thing in the morning for energy. That is why adaptogens can perform the miracle of both boosting energy and improving sleep.

Which Adaptogens are best for sleep?

“This all sounds great,” you’re thinking, “but since I’ve never heard of adaptogens before now, how am I supposed to know which ones will help me?”
Not to worry. BOOSTme did the research to find the most effective adaptogens on the market. There were four that topped the list.

Four Adaptogens That Help You Sleep

Rhodiola Rosea:

Also known as golden root, this alpine grassy plant helps with muscle fatigue and mental fatigue, and attention deficit. It supports your body’s ability to recover from mental and physical stress, thus leading to higher levels of energy naturally. It also happens to help with sleep disorders. But more on that later…

Siberian ginseng:

We’ve all heard of ginseng when it comes to health food products. This particular form of ginseng helps with something called repeated stress. If you do repeated physical actions such as exercises, your body is experiencing repeated stress.
Siberian ginseng helps oxygen reach tired muscles. It also supports your endocrine glands. A healthy endocrine system leads to higher levels of naturally produced and sustained energy. The endocrine system also happens to include the pineal gland which produces melatonin. Melatonin is that handy little hormone that helps your body sleep. But more on that later…

Maral root:

If you’ve ever traveled in the alpine regions of Siberia, you might be familiar with our next adaptogen. Maral root helps with fighting muscle fatigue, growing muscle, and fighting mental fatigue. Oh, and it also happens to help with insomnia symptoms. Are you sensing a theme?


Limonnik is a handy berry also grows in the cold Russian climate. It helps improve the health of the nervous system. Specifically, it improves a person’s spinal reflexes. And you guessed it – a healthy nervous system can lead to both more energy (in the form of heightened reflexes) and… drum roll, please… better sleep.

A Combination That Can’t Be Beat!

 So you see, it isn’t too good to be true. It’s simply using Mother Nature’s gifts to balance things out and get back into harmony.

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