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BOOSTme 4 Week Challenge

Forming New Habits It takes time for new habits to develop. This is true of everything from establishing a proper bedtime for my kids to ensuring I hit deadlines at work always a little bit early. Many times I start a new routine like a supplement or decision to just drink more water and it . . . read more.
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Stacy & Joy—Advocates for World Hunger

BOOSTme is very proud to acknowledge one of our Partners, Joy Gendusa, and singer, Stacy Francis! Stacy is an american singer and actress. She was a finalist on the first season of The X Factor. She has appeared numerous times on television and has been part of musical groups and theater performances, like Footloose, for . . . read more.
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Leo—Overcoming Obstacles

At BOOSTme our passion is to help support the hard working people all over the US and the world so they have the energy to keep going and succeed in life! That’s why we want to acknowledge, Leo, a Miami-based, artistic wedding photographer! During the COVID-19 shut down, not many people were still having weddings. . . . read more.
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How Steve Pushes Through

It has been a challenging year for families, balancing work, home-schooling children and community service during the pandemic. This is why we would like to show some love to our #everydayhero and BOOSTme For Him user, Steve!  Steve is a minister at his local church and a working Dad. During this pandemic, he still went . . . read more.
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Can adaptogens protect you against 5G & EMF radiation?

About EMF And RFR Electric and magnetic fields (EMFs) are invisible areas of energy, often referred to as radiation, that are associated with the use of electrical power and various forms of natural and man-made lighting. We are constantly exposed to magnetic fields and frequencies radiating towards us from the sun, other celestial bodies, even . . . read more.
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How BOOSTme Can Help You Fight the Coronavirus

Adaptogens are natural herbs known for improving the body’s general resistance and vitality. They have built a strong reputation of a) helping your body defend against the effects of various stressors, b) increasing work capacity and ability to concentrate, while c) strengthening your immune system. Adaptogens minimize stress reactions in the cells of your body . . . read more.
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How to Choose Supplements

If you are like most people, you are interested in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. When making a conscious effort to live healthily, there are several obvious steps to take: Eat a balanced diet Be conscious of caloric intake Exercise regularly Avoid sugar Set aside time for mental health (pursue hobbies, hang with friends, etc.) Take . . . read more.
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Adaptogens for Mental Fog

People have many terms for lack of mental focus. Brain fog. Attention deficit. Or (pardon us) brain fart. Call it what you like, lack of mental focus is a problem for many people in our society. In fact, recent research on lack of focus (otherwise known as mental fog) found that “one in seven adults . . . read more.
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