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BOOSTme 4 Week Challenge

BOOSTme 4 Week Challenge

Forming New Habits

It takes time for new habits to develop. This is true of everything from establishing a proper bedtime for my kids to ensuring I hit deadlines at work always a little bit early.

Many times I start a new routine like a supplement or decision to just drink more water and it can be a challenge to keep the routine consistent on a daily basis.

I read somewhere that it takes a good 30 days to really see if a skincare product is making a difference. I guess the same could be true for supplements. The body is not designed to automatically transform overnight.

4 Week BOOSTme Challenge

This is why I am excited to take part in the #BOOSTmeChallenge. I will be taking BOOSTme daily for 4 weeks and documenting my journey on our social accounts.

I am feeling the effects of 2020, working from home for a majority of the year and exercised way less. At 41, I am experiencing inflammation and a decrease in range of motion. Inflammation is a horrible indicator of a precursor to health problems down the line so I knew I needed to get it under control.

What I like about BOOSTme Adaptogens is that they are more like fine tuning of your cells energy production and the automatic systems of the body such as hormone levels and sleep wake cycles.

Sure – I could address inflammation or low energy levels through using pain killers and lots of coffee, but that would not actually help my body in the long run.

I want to feel great naturally and have the energy to hit deadlines, take care of my three children and take care of my own physical well being.

Over the next 4 weeks I will be sharing my experiences across Instagram and Facebook.

Join The Challenge

I encourage you to do the #BOOSTmeChallenge along with me and share your experience on social as well! Be sure to tag @myboostme and use #boostmechallenge

To make the challenge a little easier, we are offering a 15% discount on all orders using the code: challenge

Jen Latch
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