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BOOSTme Challenge

BOOSTme Challenge

Hey there! This is Jen, Community Manager here at BOOSTme! I am just about complete on a 4 week challenge of taking BOOSTme every day to see how I feel.

Adaptogens don’t change things drastically overnight. I mean, we have had users report instant results like sleeping 7 hours for the first time in years or back pain completely vanishing, but often it takes a few days or weeks to notice.

For me personally it was about 2 weeks in when I started noticing I actually felt fantastic! My energy levels stayed consistent throughout the day and I was waking up easier.

I started sleeping better and any night sweats I was experiencing totally stopped.

What I was most excited about was a complete drop in my sugar cravings and a resultant balancing of my blood sugar levels. I felt so good that I became inspired to start a new health regimen and lost 5 pounds! So overall the #boostmechallenge has been a fantastic experience for me.

It was fun to commit to ensuring I took BOOSTme every single day. I only missed one day in the 4 weeks.

I have three days left on my 4 week #boostmechallenge – It has been fun doing this with some of our customers and friends across the nation and seeing your stories!

We will be hosting a new challenge every 4 weeks so stay tuned for what will be announced this coming Sunday!

Photo credit: Jessica Marcotte

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