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BOOSTme Gave Me My Life Back—Kellie Abate

BOOSTme Gave Me My Life Back—Kellie Abate

Let’s get right into it.
If you looked up the word stress in the dictionary, you would see a picture of my face.
I was laid off from my job in the midst of COVID back in March 2020. I then endured a miscarriage in April, my father suffered a STEMI-heart attack In August and unfortunately I had to put my dog down in October. That same month my (now) future father-in-law was diagnosed with ALS.
All of this happened in 8 months! You can imagine the emotional, physical and mental exhaustion I felt after all that. I put on tons of weight because of all the stress eating and drinking I was doing. I was depression sleeping and just unmotivated. It was by far the lowest I have ever felt about myself.
Fast forward to June 2021. I landed a great job, working 5 days a week, got engaged to my best friend and am in the middle of planning my wedding, still during a pandemic, but we’re getting used to this normal life.
Engagement and marriage is one of the BIGGEST milestones in someone’s life and I just knew I wanted to make a healthy change for myself, physically and mentally.
But I didn’t know where to start.
BOOSTme was introduced to me in June 2021. I wasn’t super sure about the product because I had never heard it, so I took the time to really start researching about Adaptogens, learning about the all-natural ingredients, and their health benefits. I was very intrigued to try it, so I joined the BOOSTme Challenge for the month of August.
That means taking BOOSTme EVERYDAY for 30-days to guarantee increased performance levels, energy, better sleep quality, less snacking, & decreased stress and anxiety. All those benefits were EXACTLY what I needed, so I started taking both BOOSTme for Her & the Organic Golden Elixir Liquid Multivitamin.
My routine became, a 2-tablespoon shot of the liquid multivitamin during the morning with my other medications, then when I got to work, I would take 1 BOOSTme for Her capsule, then another around 1:30/2PM when I felt the mid-afternoon crash happening.
  • Week 1: I was super excited to get started on this challenge and was ready to feel better about myself! At first, I didn’t feel much a change. I was still snacking, still tired all the time because I couldn’t turn my brain off due to my immense amount of anxiety & was still feeling the new stress about my wedding.
  • Week 2: I noticed my work snacks and 2nd cup of matcha were going to waste by the end of the day. I wasn’t really worried about my wedding planning. I gave my wedding coordinator my vision and left it all with him. I was going to sleep at 10 and was able to fall asleep right away. Not tossing and turning till 2AM and waking up exhausted the next morning.
    Mornings with BOOSTme
Listen. It gets even better!
  • Week 3: The only things in my work lunch box, were my breakfast, lunch & some fruit for the afternoon. The junk food was gone. No more chips and cookies to get me through the afternoon. 2 cups of matcha are down to 1 and I don’t even need that second BOOSTme for Her in the afternoon because there is no midafternoon crash. I wasn’t feeling any stress about my wedding. The wedding invites were sent out, my dress was bought, the venue was rented, and my coordinator booked the caterer, cake, DJ & hair/makeup for me. I was wedding stress-free! Through all of this, I was still getting a full night sleep and was waking up ready to take on the next day!
    BOOSTme on Vacation
  • The Final Week: Let me tell you something. I feel like a new person. I am not cranky and crabby. I’m not eating just to eat. I don’t feel bloated, tired, sluggish, stressed, nothing. I just feel like me. I have found a healthy balance of working and planning a wedding, without losing any self-care. My anxiety barely exists anymore & doesn’t keep me awake at night. I feel refreshed! My cravings are gone and I have found a healthy relationship with food. I have also been able to fit in some cardio workouts after work just because I have that extra energy. My performance at work is great! I don’t feel overwhelmed, even when I am taking on multiple projects.
BOOSTme changed my life! I’m not saying that everything I’ve been through I’ve just forgotten about. It just means that BOOSTme has helped me get my mental and physical health back in control.
Let’s be honest. Life is scary right now. We are trying to live our normal lives during a major pandemic. Some of us are in that age where marriage and kids are happening. We are working crazy hours to be able to pay for food in our bellies, a roof over our heads, and clothes on our bodies. There are more unhealthy food options in the world  than healthy foods. We are all just trying to get through each day one at a time, without having any mental breakdowns.
From taking BOOSTme every day, I realized that the problems going on in the world and in our everyday lives, don’t need to take over who we are. With having the right tools and guidance to properly take care of ourselves, it is possible to make everyday a little bit better than the day before. 
Life doesn’t need to be filled with stress and anxiety. BOOSTme has helped me prove to myself that with dedication, you can become the BEST version of yourself.

It is never too late to get a fresh start.


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