BOOSTme NOW! – Why I Like It So Much!

BOOSTme NOW! – Why I Like It So Much!

You and I probably share a very unique personal philosophy: we work like mad, exercise like mad and live like mad. We’re the lucky ones… not everybody is able to live by that motto! It takes a very special character indeed to live life plentifully and take every moment you have to feel good – no matter what you’re doing.

So if this is you, you should be a member of the BOOSTme club! We share your passion for a busy, exciting and productive life and support you in achieving your goals at every age!

In fact, our unique BOOSTme NOW! No-BS energy gel shot was developed precisely to give you a natural boost of energy when you REALLY need it. However, we did NOT want to provide another “chemical soup” offered by so many energy shot companies. You know who I’m talking about! This is because of another philosophy I’m sure you and I share: long term health is more important than jittery surges of temporary and artificial energy.

That is what I personally like about BOOSTme NOW! It not only gives me the fast-acting and long-lasting energy boost I sometimes need to get through intense work (or workouts), but it also contributes to improving my long-term health.

Yep, you read that right. Every time you take our no-BS adaptogen gel shot, you actually help your body get stronger and more resilient over time!

Firstly, you provide it with strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that are crucially needed after intensive exercise (to fight off free radicals that destroy your cells – think organs, tissues, blood vessels – leading to chronic diseases, aging, and cancers).

Secondly, you get enduring benefits from our proprietary adaptogenic formula which is proven to increase physical and mental endurance, enhance the long-term action of your mitochondria (the energy power houses of your cells), maintain perfect homeostasis (balance within) and improve and preserve muscle mass.

Our natural caffeine from guarana extract not only acts as a quick yet gentle and long-lasting stimulant; it has been shown in studies to improve memory and alertness and often improves a person’s mood!

And as for green coffee extract, it has proven to effectively help with weight loss, reduction of high blood pressure, improvement of cognitive performance and reduction of bad cholesterol. It is also naturally detoxifies and enhances the immune system. Plus, it doesn’t have the negative side effects of blood sugar spikes and crashes, and jitters, found in roasted coffee.

I could say much more. But the best way to find out is to try it (if you haven’t yet)! Seriously, BOOSTme NOW! is the healthiest, no-BS energy booster you can find anywhere – and every time you take it, you help your body STAY strong and healthy!

We offer BOOSTme NOW! as a 12-shot or 6-shot pack, and by signing up for our monthly subscription program you save 10% every month. Sign up today!

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