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Consistent use of BOOSTme Adaptogens creates HOMEOSTASIS

Consistent use of BOOSTme Adaptogens creates HOMEOSTASIS

What’s Homeostasis?

Homeostasis is the body’s ability to continuously monitor its internal conditions to maintain a stable environment. Meaning your hormones, stress levels, body temperature, blood pressure, nutrient levels, etc. stay in balance and in a healthy range when your body is in homeostasis. 

If for any reason your conditions tend to fluctuate, your adaptive response system kicks in to regulate your body back to a normal range.

BOOSTme’s Primary Adaptogen Blend helps your adaptive response system perform better so you stay in homeostasis! 

What Can Affect Homeostasis?

There are three main factors that can influence homeostasis in the body.

  • Internal influences such as aging and genetics.
  • External influences such as nutrition deficiencies, physical activity, mental health, drug and alcohol abuse.
  • Environmental influences such as exposure to toxins.

Why consistency is crucial.

When your body is under chronic stress, even the slightest changes in your day can completely throw you out of homeostasis. Your body then has to work even harder to regulate itself internally. This can lead to energy crashes, binge eating and physical problems.

When you consistently take your BOOSTme, the natural Primary Adaptogen Blend works to keep your body in homeostasis.

Regular use promotes better sleep, more natural energy, less stress & anxiety so your body remains in harmony. BOOSTme Adaptogens even help to increase your cell’s ability to produce energy! 

Taking BOOSTme Adaptogens everyday gives your body the resources it needs to quickly adapt to stressful conditions, reduce anxiety & leads your body back to homeostasis.

Take BOOSTme in the morning

Give your body the natural energy it deserves to get a head start on the day.

Take BOOSTme in the afternoon

Starting to feel that mid-afternoon crash? Taking BOOSTme will increase your energy to get through the day.

Take BOOSTme before bed

By taking BOOSTme before bed you are allowing your body to rest & relax from reduced stress & anxiety which means better sleep!

The key takeaway:

Consistent use of BOOSTme Adaptogens helps to keep your body in balance and filled with vitality. 

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