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Finding Energy and Balance with BOOSTme Adaptogens 

Finding Energy and Balance with BOOSTme Adaptogens 

Finding Energy and Balance with BOOSTme Adaptogens 

Adaptogens take time to get your body into a state of optimal energy production and balance. Like all things, the magic doesn’t happen overnight.

After about two weeks of taking BOOSTme I experienced a significant drop in my blood sugar levels and what I have come to understand my cortisol levels.

I talk about the first two weeks in this post if you are interested. 

I have now been taking BOOSTme pretty regularly for 2 months. The adaptogens were a key springboard for a health overhaul and detox I did during month two. They helped me shed some extra pounds, lowered cravings and assisted in eliminating frantic eating because my body simply had energy. I wasn’t trying to compensate the lack of energy with extra snacks or sugar in the evening. 

I am honestly shocked at how much BOOSTme has assisted my body and my dedication towards taking it every day. I notice a difference on the days I don’t take it and I find myself craving BOOSTme any time I start to feel a little off. 

I don’t quite know how to describe how BOOSTme makes me feel. The founders equated it to ‘feeling awesome’, hence our tag line – The Adaptogen Formula For Feeling Awesome.

I would describe BOOSTme more as having a relaxed, constant energy level and an overall sense of balance. I have energy, but I also feel like the body can relax and sleep great. 

I would love to hear your BOOSTme story. How has taking BOOSTme Adaptogens regularly made you feel? 

We challenge our users to take BOOSTme Adaptogens every day for 4 weeks to see how much better they feel. You can share your challenge on social media tagging @myboostme and using #boostmechallenge 

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