Healthy Alternative To Energy Drinks – A Growing Concern

Healthy Alternative To Energy Drinks – A Growing Concern

Energy drinks have seen a record sales trends in the last 3-4 years. In fact, we’ve seen a record breaking $11.7 billion sales in the last 12 months alone – a 11.3% increase over the prior year.

The global energy drink industry is predicted to reach $61 billion in sales by 2021, a whopping $48 billion increase since 2013, with an estimated 30% of all teenagers consuming energy drinks on a daily basis.

Although commonly promoted as a supplement to boost performance and mental alertness, these drinks have been found to have numerous detrimental side effects, particularly on the cardiovascular and neurological systems.

In fact, unfolding research has found that energy drink consumption has been linked to an increase in emergency room visits and deaths. Some cases in point:

  • Per the Journal of the American Heart Association, consumption of energy drinks has been linked to cardiac arrest (heart beats rapidly and chaotically, or stops altogether), myocardial infarction (heart attack), spontaneous coronary dissection (blood vessel in the heart tears, resulting in heart attack symptoms and possibly death), and coronary vasospasm (muscle constrictions that can lead to heart attack). (1)
  • Per the World Health Organization, energy drinks pose a real concern for health in young people. Overuse of heavily (and artificially) caffeinated drinks amongst youngsters can cause heart palpitations, high blood pressure, central nervous system over-stimulation, nausea & vomiting, kidney function degradation, convulsions (8), and, in rare cases, even death. (2)
  • Per the International Journal of Health Sciences, regular energy drink consumption has been linked to serious cardiovascular problems such as an alarming increase in heart rate and arterial blood pressure, and to neurological/psychological troubles such as anxiety, insomnia, restlessness and periods of inexhaustibility. (3)
  • Per the American Heart Association, energy drinks consumption has been linked to more heart and blood pressure changes than caffeinated drinks alone – they warn that people with high blood pressure, underlying cardiac conditions, or other health issues should avoid consuming energy drinks. (4)

A Healthier Alternative

The attractive nature of the energy drink market has also boosted the sales of energy shots – a more concentrated type of energy supplement – predicted to reach over $2 billion by 2020. Unfortunately, many of these shots parallel the potential dangers of energy drinks. They contain many of the ingredients that literally poison consumers:

  • Artificial caffeine
  • Sugar
  • Heavy chemicals and preservatives, one of them being…
  • Sodium benzoate, a chemical which may cause cancer
  • Gluten
  • Artificial sweeteners

Does this mean you should stay away from all energy drinks or shots? Well, maybe not. Just make sure that whatever you buy has no artificial colors, sweeteners or preservatives. There are natural alternatives that, believe it or not, can actually improve your health with every sip.

Our BOOSTme NOW! all-natural, no BS energy shot contains only the good stuff. It is an energy-boosting, 100% natural plant-based, proprietary formula from the best adaptogens – scientifically developed for active adults who desire healthy energy boosters to maintain and improve their physical and/or mental performance under stressful conditions, without compromising their health.

The BOOSTme® NOW! All-Natural Gel Energy Shot is best used when you need a quick yet long-lasting burst of physical and/or mental energy, without the typical crash effect observed in most energy products available on the market.

It contains absolutely no artificial ingredients, no GMOs, no trans-fat, no synthetic caffeine, no added sugar and is gluten-free.

How Does BOOSTme NOW! Energy Gel Shot Work?

Energy metabolism is the key process in our cells that provides the energy needed for every organ to function properly. The most important product of energy metabolism is Adenosine Triphosphate (ATP). ATP is present in all living tissue and is a universal source of energy for physiological actions such as flexing a muscle, digesting food, or any of the myriad of actions your body takes every day!

This magical energy elixir is produced in the mitochondria (energy factory) of each cell.

Did you know that reduced ATP production leads to reduced metabolism of muscle protein? And why, you ask, does this matter? Well, less muscle protein means a loss of: power, physical activity, skeletal muscle mass and stamina. That’s a whole lot of decline from reduced ATP production!

Notice any of those symptoms in your life?! Read on for the solution!

Energy metabolism is of vital importance to people who are regularly involved in strenuous fitness or sport activities. During intense physical exercise, ATP production in the mitochondria lags behind the energy requirements of working muscles, creating a deficit in your energy supply.

The best anti-stress or anti-aging supplement would be one that reverses this ATP deficit or decline; bringing increased power, improved physical activity, more muscle mass and greater energy metabolism.

Our BOOSTme NOW! All-Natural Energy Gel Shot has been scientifically created to activate cellular energy metabolism. Energy metabolism sets the activity levels of all systems in the body. Our energy gel shot formula has been clinically demonstrated to naturally counteract the decline of mitochondrial ATP production – a healthy energy booster that actually makes your body operate better! To put it simply, you’ll see increased physical and mental energy!

Combining natural caffeine with adaptogenic herbs for energy extends the duration of the stimulating effect and expands the shot’s healthy energy boosting spectrum. Not to mention you get all the good-for-you benefits of the best adaptogens.

Add to that the cleansing and healing properties of black cherry extract, and this is one energy shot that gives you WAY more than just a quick energy boost! You’re actually improving your body with every dose.

With BOOSTme NOW! you won’t just feel alert or energetic. You’ll BE alert and energetic. Without the crash at the end!

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To your health,

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