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How BOOSTme Can Help You Fight the Coronavirus

How BOOSTme Can Help You Fight the Coronavirus

Adaptogens are natural herbs known for improving the body’s general resistance and vitality. They have built a strong reputation of a) helping your body defend against the effects of various stressors, b) increasing work capacity and ability to concentrate, while c) strengthening your immune system.

Adaptogens minimize stress reactions in the cells of your body and provide protection against the long-term effects of stress.  When you are affected by chronic or repeated stress, your immune system weakens and opens the door to inflammation and viral infection, such as the flu – or the coronavirus.

When you repeatedly feel anxious or your anxiety lasts a long time, your body never gets to return to normal functioning. This can weaken your immune system, leaving you more vulnerable to viral infections and frequent illnesses. Also, your regular vaccines may not work as well if you are affected by chronic stress. (1)

Viruses are germs that can make you sick by attacking and weakening your immune system. Viruses cause colds, chickenpox, flu, hand foot and mouth disease, and many other diseases.  Coronaviruses, specifically, are a family of viruses that infect the respiratory tract and cause symptoms like a runny nose, cough, sore throat, and fever. (2)

The BOOSTme Formula

Our adaptogen unique formula contains the four most important (Primary) herbs that have proven to combat stress most effectively. Hence, they support or even strengthen your immune system during difficult times or challenging epidemic circumstances:

  • Rhodiola rosea grows in cold regions in the Altai Mountains of Siberia. It is also called golden root. It is used for its anti-stress and fatigue-fighting properties and as a powerful antioxidant.
  • Schisandra is also called magnolia vine. It is used to decrease fatigue, counter stress, and enhance physical performance. It is said to reduce stress hormones in the blood.
  • Eleutherococcus senticosus is also called Siberian ginseng, or eleuthero. It is famed for boosting mental performance and making cancer-related chemotherapy more effective. It directly protects and improves your immune system – especially effective when environmental stressors aggressively come your way. It is also used to treat angina (chest pain caused by reduced blood flow to heart), high cholesterol, insomnia, and poor appetite. (3)
  • Leuzea root is also known as the maral root. This fantastic adaptogenic herb is known for replenishing energy reserves, increasing libido, sharpening concentration, promoting lean muscle growth, reducing body fat, improving moods, and stimulating the immune system. In fact, some of the conditions maral root is believed to treat are: (4)
    • Colds and flu
    • Depression
    • Diabetes
    • Fatigue
    • Metabolic syndrome
    • Cancer

I have been on a maintenance program of BOOSTme for Him for almost 5 years now and have not had a single cold or flu – even while traveling all over the world. When I hear of (yet another) viral threat, I simply double my daily intake of BOOSTme.

Other Powerful Supplements

You should also add specific vitamins to support your immune system and naturally combat viral infection. Per the physicians of the Orthomolecular Medicine News Service and the International Society for Orthomolecular Medicine (Orthomolecular: maintaining human health through nutritional supplementation), the following supplements can also help prevent or minimize symptoms for future viral infection (average dosage for adults): (5)

  • Vitamin C: 3,000 milligrams (or more) daily, in divided doses.
  • Vitamin D3: 2,000 International Units daily. (Start with 5,000 IU/day for two weeks, then reduce to 2,000)
  • Magnesium: 400 mg daily (in citrate, malate, chelate, or chloride form)
  • Zinc: 20 mg daily
  • Selenium: 100 mcg (micrograms) daily

At BOOSTme, our vision is to help everyday heroes like you stay active and healthy so you can do more and better what you love to do – help others.

Do not hesitate to contact us at info@myboostme.com or click here for detailed information on adaptogens, and specifically our unique BOOSTme formula.

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