Leo And Valeria

Leo And Valeria

At BOOSTme our passion is to help support the hard working people all over the US and the world so they have the energy to keep going and succeed in life! We want to acknowledge Leo Photographer who is a Miami based artistic wedding photographer.

During the shut downs Leo and his wife Valeria took the opportunity to reach out to every vendor and partner in their local area to lend a helping hand. They offered use of their photos to help local Miami businesses continue to promote. Leo also created online tutorials that taught people how to take their own engagement photos and portraits while at home with their iPhones.

Leo and Valeria took time to provide community service to local Miami businesses and residents distributing booklets that educated people on how to stay well during the pandemic.

When photo shoots could resume outdoors safely, Leo with his mask, sanitizer and friendly disposition got busy helping his clients capture their special engagement and wedding moments.

It’s people like Leo and his wife Val that keep the world going despite all obstacles and we here at BOOSTme applaud them for their hard and dedicated work the past many months! ⚡️🧡⚡️ #boostyourhero #myboostme @ Downtown, Miami, Fl

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