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"This product literally changed my life. And I don’t say that lightly. I’ve been taking it since January 2016. About 4 months prior to that I started getting hot flashes. really really bad ones. I would get 4-5 during the day and another 4-5 throughout the night. Aside from not having even one good night sleep in all those months, during the day it was worse because I’d be in meetings or delivering a seminar and just had to pretend nothing was happening. I stopped having hot flashes, when I wake up in the morning I feel more awake, and my body doesn’t feel like it requires coffee. I’m sleeping much better as well."

Joy, BOOSTme Customer

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The Science

Adaptogens are unique plants that have been used for hundreds of years to strengthen the body’s natural capacity to resist to and reduce stress as well as promote physical & mental performance. Adaptogenic plants basically help your body naturally adapt to a stressful environment and to high pressure working conditions; they also assist in resisting fatigue and can reverse your body’s low energy production.

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The Science Behind Adaptogens

What IS an "adaptogen?"