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Feeling sluggish and wiped out is NOT normal.

Feeling drained and exhausted is NOT normal.

Did you once feel energetic and ready to tackle the day? But now you just feel drained and exhausted all day long?

So...where did your energy go?

It’s “normal” to feel wiped out, right? I mean — you do work hard so….

But…is feeling tired actually normal?
Well, maybe not.

Let me explain:

If you’re tired and worn out — there’s a good chance you’re battling everyone’s favorite least-favorite feeling: Fatigue.

Put fatigue to rest with


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Our exclusive proprietary blend of PRIMARY ADAPTOGENS — a natural substance of plant origin known to increase the body’s resistance to stress factors and help it adapt to external stressful conditions.

BOOSTme® For Stress

Fatigue has almost become a buzzword lazily thrown around...

But what is fatigue, really?

  • Fatigue is extreme tiredness typically resulting from mental/physical exertion, or illness.
  • Fatigue is what makes those 5 plates after dinner seem like a mountain of hard labor.
  • Fatigue is what makes a normal day feel like you’re walking through sand for hours.
  • And getting out of bed feels like Frodo’s treacherous journey to Mordor.

You may have heard about fatigue before — but what is fatigue biologically?

And more importantly — can you FIX IT for good? (I don’t mean live on coffee.)

Ah, now we’re getting somewhere…

Fatigue is what happens when the body has been trying to counter balance external stress so often — and SO strongly — that it wipes itself out.

This doesn’t happen overnight obviously…

It happens over time.

What happens is a key system in your body (that you probably didn’t learn about in school) drains away — It’s called the “Adaptive Response” system.

The Adaptive Response system’s main job is to help your body adapt to external stress in a healthy way.

The Adaptive Response system’s main job is to help your body adapt to external stress in a healthy way.

Now, stress isn’t just what you feel when your boss gives you tight deadlines…

Stress comes in MANY different forms:

  • Running, fighting, lifting weights — Physical Stress
  • Studying, reading, testing — Mental Stress
  • Arguing, disciplining, losing — Emotional Stress

You experience ALL those types of stress, right? (I know I do!)

When your Adaptive Response system faces this 3-pronged stress war day after day, it gets worn down. (Can you blame it?)

You’re simply left fatigued.

BOOSTme® For Energy

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What other signs should I be aware of?

Fatigue doesn’t “just” bring tiredness though…

Here are other symptoms of fatigue you need to know:

  • Low energy
  • Sleepiness
  • Apathy (not caring about things)
  • Blurry vision
  • Muscle aches
  • Indecisiveness
  • Irritability
  • Weak immune system
  • Slow reaction time

BOOSTme® For Energy

But those symptoms sound pretty clinical. Let’s zoom in for a moment:

  • Not enjoying time with your children when you come home from work
  • Spending all weekend in bed
  • Needing a nap in the afternoon or you may lose it completely
  • Not focusing at work because you just don’t care
  • Feeling overwhelmed trying to prioritize household tasks
  • Snapping at your kids for doing normal kid stuff
  • The inability to kick that cold you got last month

BOOSTme® For Energy

Are we starting to hit home now? Of course there are varying degrees of this, but you can see that the effects of fatigue are both terrible and way too common…

But here’s the thing:

There are natural, safe ways of combating fatigue so you feel better…

And NO:

I’m not talking about guzzling coffee or taking dangerous white pills with disasterous side effects.

“I bought BOOSTme® for my wife a few weeks ago. She has been sleeping better, is less stressed, and her hot flashes have really dissipated. She also has a lot more energy. This is now her go-to vitamin and she takes it every morning without fail. Highly recommended!”—Fil L.

“I started using BOOSTme® 2 weeks ago and I can’t tell you how much better I feel. For the last several months I’ve struggled with my energy. I’m normally full of energy, but lately I’ve been feeling like I could literally fall asleep in the middle the day. Even on weekends I have to take a nap because I’m so drained. Now I feel completely back to normal! I can absolutely tell my mental focus and clarity has improved tremendously, I’m SUPER happy. THANK YOU! ”—Gen O.

How to boost energy naturally using… pure, time-tested science!

Remember that Adaptive Response system I mentioned above? The system that copes with stress so YOU don’t become fatigued, but then it gets fatigued itself trying to fight the endless stress…

So you end up fatigued anyway? Remember that crappy trap?

Here’s the deal:

Your Adaptive Response system is the middleman between you and fatigue.


What if you could strengthen that Adaptive Response system, so that it was able to more effectively combat stress for you?

Your body would be able to achieve what the science-y types call “homeostasis”...

Basically, harmony in your body. (((Sigh of relief)))

Imagine your body working the way it was meant to work — like this:

  • Stressors come in
  • Adaptive Response system cancels them out like a samurai
  • You remain fresh and ready for the next challenge

Bingo. Bango. And guess what?

That’s what exactly adaptogenic herbs do!

Safely. Naturally. Awesomely.

BOOSTme® For Energy

100% Natural, 100% Effective!

BOOSTme® is specially crafted using natural herbs that give your body the support it needs to do what it does best—keep you going! Try for yourself and LIVE the difference!

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Whoa...WAIT. What are adaptogenic herbs?

Adaptogens (short for “adaptogenic herbs”) are plants that have proven through rigorous scientific study — and thousands of years — to improve the performance of your Adaptive Response system.

These herbs are basically GENIUS miracles — let me explain why:

First, the Adaptive Response system is made up of 3 areas of your body:

  • Your vegetative (aka, unconscious) nervous system
  • Your adrenal glands
  • And your pituitary gland

These 3 parts of your body, together, manage your ability to respond to stress…

And adaptogenic herbs nurture and strengthen ALL 3 of these areas simultaneously…

Making you:

  • Stronger (think: The Hulk, minus the dangerous rage, and green color)
  • More resilient (You: bullet proof)
  • Energetic (like you’re 21 again!)
  • More able to enjoy life!

BOOSTme® For Energy

Which adaptogens boost energy and fight fatigue?

A well-balanced mix is the best solution when taking adaptogenic herbs since each herb supports the Adaptive Response system’s 3 areas in a unique way.

These are the ones that work best for giving you a natural energy boost:

BOOSTme® For Energy

Golden Root
Science-y name: Rhodiola rosea.
Our name: The Stamina Booster.
This herb is the key to helping your adaptive response system regain its strength so it wards off stress like a ninja.

BOOSTme® For Energy

Maral Root
Science-y name: Leuzea carthamoides.
Our name: The Muscle Maker.
This herb boosts anabolic activity (the ability to break down complex substances into smaller ones), which is crucial to muscle growth, if you want to look strong and fit!

BOOSTme® For Energy

Siberian Ginseng
Science-y name: Eleutherococcus senticosus.
Our name: The Recovery Stimulator.
This tenacious adaptogen helps you recover the energy you need to pop out of bed after a stressful yesterday. You recover faster — like Wolverine!

BOOSTme® For Energy

Science-y name: Schisandra chinesis.
Our name: The Reflex Manager.
This lemony herb focuses on your autonomic nervous system which keep your instincts alert and your reflexes sharp.

These adaptogenic herbs when formulated together, and when taken consistently, can help rebuild a depleted Adaptive Response system, making you:

  • Have more energy every day
  • Feel better
  • Bounce back quickly from life’s inevitable stress
  • So you can LIVE life again!

Don’t live tired out.

No more, “I’m always tired.”

No more, “I have no energy.”

No more “wiped,” or “I’m just lazy today.”

BOOSTme® For Energy

Adaptogens are incredible herbs that you can take to help your body rebuild its Adaptive Response back up (the way it’s supposed to be!).

It’s EASY to integrate these potent herbs into your lifestyle, and chances are:

You’ll notice the energy-boosting effects right away!

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