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Meet the Team

Patrick Valtin - CEO & Founder

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Patrick Valtin has been an entrepreneur and executive coach/public speaker for over 30 years. He is the founder of U-Man Belgium, one of the biggest management training companies based in the heart of Europe. He is also the CEO of Hirebox International, a US-based talent acquisition firms dealing with direct search, Recruitment Process Outsourcing and recruitment procedure training & coaching.

Patrick has traveled to over 35 countries and has trained more than 140,000 business owners, executives and sales professionals. Averaging over 150,000 miles per year in his business travels, Patrick has always been looking for natural means of staying fit and healthy. A former European champion of Taekwondo, he has been physically very active all his life and remains, today in his early 60’s, involved almost daily in extreme sports such as dirt biking and martial arts.

Patrick discovered the BOOSTme adaptogenic formula after almost collapsing from adrenal fatigue as a result of traveling over 200,000 miles across the planet to deliver a total of 210 days of public speaking engagements in just one year.

After being on the BOOSTme formula for just a few weeks, he completely recovered from his chronic fatigue symptoms and resumed his hectic life style as an executive coach and public speaker. Four years later, Patrick says he is feeling younger than ever… no more extreme tiredness, and has not had one single adrenal collapse since. 

His first-hand experience with BOOSTme led him to decide to offer this unique adaptogenic formula to like-minded people – active adults who tends to overwork themselves from love for what they do, and who want to remain physically and mentally very active, no matter their age. 

Patrick’s extensive experience as an executive coach has given him a strong reality about how business owners and executives literally destroy their lives from overwork, lack of physical activity and from mental burn out. BOOSTme INC. was thus born out of passion for a high-octane life and out of dedication in helping others do better with their businesses – and with their lives.