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I haven’t try them.

My physician doesn’t want me to. That’s all I want to share. So please stop sending emails. Thanks

Gives energy and handles exhaustion

I got BoostMe Energy Shot right in time! I was right at the end of 5 months "marathon" of preparation for a big convention (I am an organiser) and 3 Days "marathon" of the convention delivery for 1000 people. So you can imagine - the end of that "3rd Day" and the next day after. So I was really surprised, happy and revitalised after I tried Energy Shot! Luckily Mr Valtin (who is a manufacture of the product) gave it to me. The feeling of "being washed out" ended. The product doesn't have that effect of coffee (when you have to take it "over" tiredness) - you feel energy and then you have even less energy. Actually (of course it is my subjective perceptions) - it helps the body, the whole organism to get rid of stress, so it starts to produce energy naturally. It doesn't stimulate it "to blow" "the last" energy resources you have in the body and then feel even worse. It boosts your natural process to work more smart! So you can feel better, more optimised! Thank you very much for this product! It contains only natural things - and I can really feel that. And it helps you to restore naturally your energy level and goo feeling!

BOOSTme NOW! –– The healthiest, No BS energy shot

Really works

This product really works. I feel a boost each and every time I use it. L

Love it

Great energy

Very Good Supplement

The combination of these herbs is really working. There’s no other supplement comparable. Taking it now for weeks and I feel that it has improved my sleep and wake up pattern. I feel very well rested after waking up. That was not always so.

the anti stress remedy

I had already seen the miraculous results of boost me against jet lag, recently I experienced the amazing results of boost me against mental stress that lead to physical stress.

It boosts me !!

At 67 years old and addicted to intense workouts 4 times a week I’m very aware of anything I consume that improves my energy levels. Taking BOOSTme before my workout gives me a very noticeable energy surge - makes my workouts way more enjoyable.

Good support for stressful times

I feel so much better knowing I am supporting my body with these supportive adaptogens!

No side effects

I wasn’t sure about this product but I could tell the difference pretty quick. No side effects like with caffeine products it was so helpful because I am a caretaker for a family member who needs 24 hr help and this product gave me the energy I needed.

My body really seems to like this stuff !!!

I muscle test any supplement before using it and I do this daily for a week and then at least once a week thereafter. After 4 months using BOOSTme, it is still testing positive. So I must need it. Glad I found it!!

Love 💕 this product

I noticed a difference in less than 2 weeks. More energy, mental clarity and drive. I’ll be a customer for life!

I feel better

I feel (I think) better........have to admit that my physical condition is very good.
But still using the product and finding out what the effect is when I'm really really worn out.

Our customers are catching on!

Our customers are catching on and love the product!

Our customers are catching on!

Our customers are catching on and love the product!

Amazing Product!

I've used other adaptogen products in the past and all of them made me really tired, which is strangely what they're NOT supposed to do! I've been consistently taking BOOSTme for about 4 months at least and one of the best benefits I've noticed is much easier menstrual cycles. Before taking BOOSTme, it would be very hard for me to manage my menstrual cycles, but now I experience very little pain and lethargy which is awesome. :) So this is something I'll definitely continue to take as it's obviously impacting my endocrine system positively!

Improved Focus

I noticed improved focus right after taking the product. I was impressed and plan on continuing to take this! My doctor was also familiar with this product, tested it on me and my body liked it!

Feel much more alert!

After a rough night with a teething baby I was seriously tired this morning. I felt groggy and heavy with a slight headache. Since I'm nursing I can't have leaded coffee so I decided to try a BOOSTme shot this morning. Within 20 minutes I realized my headache was gone and I felt alert and easily able to focus on work! It was a subtle shift; instead of a spike or rush from sugar and heavy caffeine like other energy shots have given me this was more like a slow gradual shift to a more alert and energized state. 4 hours later and I'm going strong. Best of all I can take it while nursing! Happy mama.

Bought for awhile now

I've bought your product for awhile now. When I first bought it I was looking to add a supplement into my daily routine. I read all the information and reviews, as well as about each ingredient to help in my decision. I take 2 in the am right now but will try adding one later to see if it adds even more to my energy level without affecting my sleep.

Glad I Tried This !!!!!

I used to take a lot of supplements and have in the last few years cut back to only a few that really indicate to me. I muscle test any that I take so I know ahead of time if it will benefit me. This combination of adaptogens has been testing positive since day 1... which means it is something my body needs and wants for its well-being. I've had some of my friends and family test it too and surprisingly, it has tested well on everyone so far. Not many supplements are so universal. Glad I tried it!!!

Increased energy and decreased jet lag!

I ordered this product as I travel a lot for work and have to be able to "get up and go", no matter the time difference. Saw a real increase in energy and decrease of the effects of jet lag!

I strongly recommend BOOSTme

As a Naturopath I have used Adrenal adaptogens in my practice for years because so many people have stressed adrenals. BOOSTme has a combination of the best herbs for the adrenals. These herbs don't stimulate as much as they provide the herbal medicinal support so that the adrenal glands can do their job of helping the body adapt to everyday stressors. So, I strongly recommend BOOSTme.

These work so well!

These work so well – Whenever I feel a bit drained of energy from a long day at work or just in general, I take one of these. I feel way better and the energy kicks back in pretty quickly. The difference between other energy shots and this is - there’s no crash. I actually feel naturally energized and it carries throughout the entire day until I go to bed. They also taste really good, have this berry flavor and it makes it easy to take, unlike the unnatural energy shots in the store. I highly recommend these.

I used this product knowing well the ingredients were similar to a previous product used by Olymp...

I used this product knowing well the ingredients were similar to a previous product used by Olympians to sustain endurance and energy during strenuous periods. Well, this is exactly what happened to me when I got started using BOOSTme last week. I am a professional speaker and trainer and it is a lot of strenuous energy spent delivering hours of workshop results to my audiences. After taking BOOSTme twice last week prior to 2 events I delivered, I felt a calming energy, not an erratic type of energy. I felt it gave me literally a BOOST to keep my attention off my body and onto the audience so that I could perform in an optimum capacity. This product works! You would have to try to believe it.

No hunger or cravings for food.

I love the taste of it! Very non-artificial. I can feel it charging me up almost immediately. As I was very busy today I skipped lunch and only realized in the evening I had no lunch, but no hunger or craving. I will definitely buy more for my family as well.