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Great for recovery

I am a cancer survivor and Boost helps stave off brain fog, gives me energy, and helps with focus. It is a benefit for my health

Feeling Great!

After starting BOOSTme the first thing that I noticed is that I was calmer. After a couple of week I also noticed more energy and I was sleeping better and more relaxed. Before this, I had difficulties sleeping and suffered from chronic fatigue for years. Now I wake up well rested and ready to take on the day!

BOOSTme for Her

Great Product

I have adrenal fatigue and I feel better when taking it. This was recommended to me by my naturopath.


This was AMAZING! I have ADHD and (even with my medication) often have trouble focusing. BOOSTme NOW gave me all the benefits of caffeine without any negative side effects or the crash. ACTUALLY lasted as long as it says it does! I will be ordering again!!


The liquid BOOSTme was a little strange at first but it works. It gave me the energy to work as a golf caddie all day.

Dr Braadt's comments on Boost Me

After my own personal trial of Boost Me with improvement in my energy and stamina I have recommended that my patients add this produce to their health regimes. Feed back has been consistently good as advertised. Consistent use has an apparent accumulative benefit. Would highly recommend!

Best on the market!

This is the best energy drink on the market! It gives me all the energy I need for a full day. No afternoon coffee for me. It also helps me get over jet lag and I sleep all night and wake up refreshed.

Helps me stay focused and energized

I work a lot of long days, and the energy gel helps me stay focused and energized throughout the day. Glad I’ve made it a part of my daily routine!

Really helps with sleep

I take the capsules on a daily basis and it has greatly helped me with my sleep and my weak adrenals. I also sometimes take the BoostMe now when I am feeling tired throughout the day, it is my go to energy gel :)

My go-to for energy

I have used other products for an energy boost - the small shot drinks and also the big energy drinks, and I always felt a bit jittery and then crashed shortly after taking it. When I first tried the Boostme gel, I was pleasantly surprised at how alert and energized I felt. It lasted a long time and I did not feel the crash I assumed I would. This is my go-to when I need a boost of energy.

The best for me!

Mid day I crash, and I have tried tons of other products to help but BOOSTme is the only one that I have found that actually helps me feel good for the rest of the day. It is easy to take & I actually like the taste of it. I will be using BOOSTme for a long time!!

These work great!

These work great! I've tried many 3 O'clock pick me ups. This is my go to now. No crash. Glad I found them.

This is my go-to energy boost during a long, stressful day in college.

This is my go-to energy BOOST during a long, stressful day in college. What I love the most about it is that the energy I get is smooth and clean with no crashing effect, unlike the other energy shots I have tried. This is an awesome product and I highly recommend!

Fall asleep easier and not tired mid day

I tried it out when I wasn't getting great sleep and used it to get off caffeine. It took about three days of taking it to really notice the difference, and the more remarkable changes were it became easier to fall asleep, and I stopped feeling tired by 2-3pm. It's definitely not a SUDDEN fix though, as it took about 3 days to start really noticing these changes. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you have trouble sleeping, or get very lethargic in the afternoons but don't want to use caffeine.

I have used for 2 years every day and can't miss it!!

I have used this now for 2 years every day 4 capsules/day. I can't miss it!! When i forget to take it in the morning, I feel the effect instantly: feel tiredness, sleepy, my energy goes down, focus is gone... this helps me to keep my energy on a good level. I recommend it to everyone who wants to stay energetic and young!

Love the energy gel!

I love taking the energy gel that boostme has! Whenever I take it, I don't get jittery, but instead (about 15 minutes later) i just feel more awake, more alert and more focused.

I've even taken the gel at 7pm one time and found myself working until 1:30am until i noticed how late it was! Oops!

Another thing it helps me with for some reason is it helps get rid of my migraines. Not sure why or how it does this, but it literally works better than an Advil for me.

Also my girlfriend takes the capsules which really help her sleep!

My energy level really went up

I started to use Boostme a month ago. I really feel a big change. I am not sleepy during the day I have enough energy to do all the points of my plan and I am not exhausted at the end of the day. That is great! It really helps active people to be happier as you have enough stamina to do what you want and like:)

Gives energy and handles exhaustion

I got BoostMe Energy Shot right in time! I was right at the end of 5 months "marathon" of preparation for a big convention (I am an organiser) and 3 Days "marathon" of the convention delivery for 1000 people. So you can imagine - the end of that "3rd Day" and the next day after. So I was really surprised, happy and revitalised after I tried Energy Shot! Luckily Mr Valtin (who is a manufacture of the product) gave it to me. The feeling of "being washed out" ended. The product doesn't have that effect of coffee (when you have to take it "over" tiredness) - you feel energy and then you have even less energy. Actually (of course it is my subjective perceptions) - it helps the body, the whole organism to get rid of stress, so it starts to produce energy naturally. It doesn't stimulate it "to blow" "the last" energy resources you have in the body and then feel even worse. It boosts your natural process to work more smart! So you can feel better, more optimised! Thank you very much for this product! It contains only natural things - and I can really feel that. And it helps you to restore naturally your energy level and goo feeling!

BOOSTme NOW! –– The healthiest, No BS energy shot

Really works

This product really works. I feel a boost each and every time I use it. L

Love it

Great energy

Very Good Supplement

The combination of these herbs is really working. There’s no other supplement comparable. Taking it now for weeks and I feel that it has improved my sleep and wake up pattern. I feel very well rested after waking up. That was not always so.

the anti stress remedy

I had already seen the miraculous results of boost me against jet lag, recently I experienced the amazing results of boost me against mental stress that lead to physical stress.