Hello! As you know, there is no better way to feel happy & accomplished than sharing with others the reasons for that feeling, which is why we are doing this business in the first place. We found the BOOSTme formula, tried it, and after a very short while decided we had discovered the best adaptogen supplement and had to share our happiness about it with as many other people as possible. Because when it comes to personal health, there is no limit to helping, right? So, we found ourselves asking “How could we help you – our clients, increase your happiness by contributing to other people’s health and well-being – and reward you for it”? This is why we created our reseller & affiliate programs. We hope you join us and help everyone you know feel awesome!
Patrick Valtin CEO & Founder


If you have a brick and mortar location where you are already selling supplements (think chiropractors, health food store, nutritionist, etc.) and wish to add the line of BOOSTme adaptogen supplements to your offerings ­– or if you wish to start selling BOOSTme at your location ­– we want to hear from you! We have a whole private section of the website with discounted purchase prices along with a resource page of information and goodies you can use to promote BOOSTme to your clients and customers. Want more information or to get started as a reseller of BOOSTme? Fill out your information below and we will send you a free sample pack of BOOSTme.
If you have any questions please email us at We look forward to hearing from you and thank you for your interest in offering our BOOSTme line of products to your patients, clients and associates!

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