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Secrets to Less Stress

Secrets to Less Stress

In our “secrets to” series, we’re going to put a spotlight on stress.

Not just the impact of stress on the body (covered elsewhere), but some key tips for dealing with stress…potentially lessening the impact of that stress on YOU.

True, we can’t wave a magic wand and make all concerns and stressors disappear, but we can offer some research-backed insight to help you reduce your stress and do your best.

A Chill Pill

Often at our busiest times in life we most need to take a quick pause, and yet feel too busy to “indulge” in such a luxury.


The truth is, you’ll probably enhance your thinking and your performance if you can teach yourself the stress-management habit of a little breather. It’s like the people who take a smoke break outside of an office-but you can do it without the smoking!

Take a chill pill – take a 5-minute walk.

Do 2 minutes of focused deep breathing.

Stand outside with a couple of friends not smoking, but just to stand outside.

It might not change everything, but it could help you relax, think clearly, and get a derailed situation back on track.

One Thing At A Time

Stress can also lead to disorder, but lack of organization causes stress.

Argh. Where do you start?

Get started by getting organized. Even clean when you are stressed!

Being organized has many benefits:

  1. Health benefits like better sleep and lowering your risk of heart attack.
  2. Time benefits, like having what you need, where you need it, when you need it, instead of wasting time in disorderly surroundings.
  3. Financial benefit, since staying organized also often helps you keep up with the necessary paperwork, complete tasks, get the next job done, and other work factors which have financial benefit.
  4. Sanity benefit. You can calm your stressed-out mind in a peaceful, orderly space.

There are as many organization and time management programs out there as there are people, it seems. From the “all at once” approach of programs such as The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up to countless bits of advice for organizing specific areas of your life, there’s no shortage of data available.

However you go about it, get started and get some order into your life…then watch the de-stressing benefits roll in.

People Matter

The people in your life have a dramatic impact on how you feel, what you get done, and where you are headed.

Have you ever spent time around someone and just felt drained?

Or can you think of another person that energizes you?

While we cannot always completely avoid the Debbie Downers in our lives, you can at least limit contact.

Instead, invest in the relationships with the people who inspire you-to be your best self, to live your best life, or to just be.

When you can relax and enjoy someone’s company, you’re in good company.

Supplement It

Our bodies also face countless environmental stressors, in addition to the socio/mental stressors described above.

Physical pain, lack of sleep, hunger, poor health, and countless other less-than-ideal body scenarios can cause further stress.

To help decrease biological stress and encourage the restoration of homeostasis (homeostasis = independent parts all operating cooperatively), we recommend a BOOSTme supplement, the adaptogen formula for feeling awesome!

We formulated our herbal supplements around the busy pace of modern life, to help muscle recovery, immune function, energy levels, and other key elements of health, work together to get you going-without the post-energy-booster crash.

So take care of you!

Take a supplement that helps you be your most awesome self…

And get on with living with less stress.

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