BOOSTme NOW! (12 count)

BOOSTme NOW! (12 count)


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Dear friend, our BOOSTme NOW is temporarily unavailable. We are working hard on creating a new, improved version of our natural energy shot. We will keep you informed of our progress. Thank you for being a BOOSTme fan!!!

BOOSTme Now! Adaptogen Energy Gel Shots are smooth from start to finish.

The only energy shot with all-natural ingredients set in a base of the best Primary adaptogen herbs – combining the stress-busting and stabilizing benefits of adaptogens with the BOOST of Guarana root, green coffee, and black cherry extracts. Shot lasts 5-8 hours. This bag contains 6 individually packaged shots.

No added sugar, no chemical caffeine, no artificial colors/flavors, Gluten-free, zero fat, less than 90 mg natural caffeine and 20 cal per shot.

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A lot more energy in a very natural way.

This product really helped me to have a lot more energy, but in a very natural way, without feeling stimulated, like when you drink too much coffee. I felt very, very calm, but energized and very focused at the same time. I was much more productive because of this product.

I’m picky and I liked it

Must say I have only taken two of these shots so far, but I certainly noticed them. I got a great rush of energy that lasted a while and I didn’t notice a crash.

I’m a picky eater and really watch what I put into my body. So these seemed like a must try as they are as healthy as it gets.

They did the job for me that is for sure.

Subtle, Not intense energy which helps lessen anxiety

So far I like these. These do not give intense energy like coffee or 5hour energy shot, which means no crashing. I also take boost me daily which has helped wit my overall mood and productivity. I am really over giving 4 stars because of the price. I would buy and use these more if they were $15 cheaper or even $10. Right now I try and limit the use so I don’t go through them as quickly.

Great product

I have used 5 Hour Energy for several years but BOOSTme NOW is so much better. I do not experience jitters or an afternoon crash with BOOSTme NOW. It is a little more expensive than 5 Hour Energy but definitely worth the extra cost. I do wish the “shots” were packaged better. It is hard to take the shot with the current packaging.

Give me energy for midnights and taste like candy.

I like this product as an alternative to the energy drinks that are loaded with sugar and give that “crash” after they wear off. The consistency of the energy shot is a gel substance, it has a sour and sweet taste to it the reminds me of candy.
I occasionally have to work some midnights at work, and this product really gives me the extra energy to get though the long night at the hospital.

Great energy product!

When I was running a lot, I used Gu or PowerGel, until I realized how much caffeine they contained. I hadn’t found a product that boosts energy during exercise – until I tried the BOOSTme gel shots. I am now a walker, and go 4 miles every day. I took a gel shot, and found myself walking 6 miles with no sense of extra effort. I feel great after taking them, and don’t experience a letdown, because there’s no sugar in them. It’s a wonderful product to supplement my BOOSTme capsules – which I take every day.

It really does give an instant energy.

I use it instead of coffee. It works well and does not cause heart palpitation, anxiety which I would often get after drinking coffee. Very good taste.

Great Boost

I used this while training for and completing a half marathon. It absorbs quickly and kicks in fast. The energy boost is sustained and doesn’t fade quickly. Bonus-No sugar so there’s no crash.

No crash after Boost!

I love these for an instant boost! I feel alert and focused, without a crash to follow.

The best product of this kind that I have tried. Seriously!

I have been a runner for many many years and I have literally tried every product on the market over the years that does not contain a ridiculous amount of sugar. I can say that these energy gel shots ARE THE BEST. I prefer to run first thing in the morning and I can take one of these and pretty much instantly feel wide awake and full of energy, not bloated and no annoying out of balance blood sugar levels later. I do not lie, this is the best product out there. I would highly urge everyone to try this. I have no vested interest in this company however I am highly impressed with this product and I hope they keep producing this product. Thank you!

Best energy shot

Haven’t found a better energy shot! I always keep one in my purse.

Love these things!

I have to say I love these things! Another product Boostme has nailed! I usually get super tired right around 3 pm. I just take on of these and I’m good to go until it’s time for bed!

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