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Tips For Improving Sleep

Tips For Improving Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of a happy, healthy life. Without enough sleep, we are more prone to physical and mental stress, illness, and injury. Sleep is the body’s opportunity to repair damage and recharge. It plays a vital role in our mental state and our ability to learn new things.

If sleep is so important (and we all instinctively know it is) then why is it so hard to get?!

The truth is there could be many reasons quality sleep eludes you. But here are the top ways you can get those extra zzzzz’s:


When seeking a quality night’s sleep, it is important to avoid artificial light shining directly into your face in the half an hour or so before bed.


The answer takes us back to our ancestral roots. Our bodies are hardwired to know that dark = sleep time and light = wakey, wakey. It is literally ingrained in our DNA.

When the blue light from our smartphones or laptops shines into our pupils, it sends a signal to our brains to stay on alert and produce less melatonin (the sleep hormone). So if you are on your device right before bedtime, you are sending yourself mixed signals.

The result? Difficulty falling asleep.

To help yourself fall asleep with ease, put the devices away at least 30 minutes before you want to go to bed.

Go For A Walk

This one might seem counter-intuitive but bear with me. We are not talking a speed-walking hike here, We are talking a nice, relaxing walk around your neighborhood.

This can help in several ways:

  • It can burn off some excess energy.
  • It can serve as “decompression” time. Use it as a time to take your attention off your problems and stress and instead take in the world around you. And keep that phone in your pocket, not in your hand!
  • It can provide extra exercise which can actually improve sleep. In facts, studies have shown that exercises like walking may promote falling asleep.

Keep Electronics Away From Your Bed

Electronics are wonderful in many ways, but they can also be detrimental. We already covered the effect that the blue light from the screen can have.

But did you know that the signals sent and received from your phone can interfere with your sleep? Cellphones work by emitting and receiving radio frequency energy. Is this harmful to humans? Unfortunately, it’s hard to tell because we haven’t had cell phones long enough to have long-term studies and tests.

However, many people report an improvement in the quality of their sleep when they leave their devices in another room for the night.

Happy Adrenals = Happy Sleeper

When your adrenals are overworked from constant cortisol production (virtually impossible to avoid in today’s stressful world) your quality of sleep can suffer.

Most people think of cortisol as the stress hormone. But did you know that cortisol also controls the sleep/wake cycle?

Healthy adrenals produce cortisol efficiently. This leads to an easier time falling asleep and better quality (more restful) sleep during the night.

So what’s the best way to have healthy adrenals?

Avoid adrenal-harming foods such as sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and processed foods. Instead, consume lots of foods high in magnesium and healthy fats.

After a lifetime of ignoring the health of your adrenals, it is likely that they will need some additional support to get them “back on their feet”. That’s where adaptogens come in. The four ingredients in our adaptogen blend are ideal for supporting adrenal health (and cellular health in general.)

Adaptogens step in where the body is stressed out and underperforming. They support your cells to re-establish homeostasis.

You’ll be surprised just how quickly they work and how much better you’ll feel after you start a daily regimen that includes adaptogens.

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