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Benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet

Benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the health of the average American has declined over the years. All it takes is a walk down Main Street in any town or city in the country where you will see overweight, under-exercised people everywhere.
Did you know that roughly one third of the adult population in America is obese?
It’s true.
An article in the Journal of the American Medical Association states that in 2008, the obesity rate among adult males was 32.2%. The rate for adult women was even higher at 35.5%.
And did you know that the average adult between the ages of 35 and 49 uses 6 different prescription medications per year? This number more than doubles to 13 prescriptions for those between 50 and 64 years of age.

Finding The Root Of The Problem: The American Diet

These statistics are alarming and do not bode well for our country’s future if the source of the problem is not identified and addressed.
It’s no coincidence that the American diet consists of a high percentage of processed foods and our obesity rates and dependence on medications continue to rise.
And we’re not just talking about food at places like McDonald’s and Burger King.
Have you ever tried to go on a no-sugar diet? Sounds easy, right?
If you read the labels, you’ll see that everything has added sugar. The only way to avoid sugar is to make everything from scratch.
In addition to added sugar, processed foods often have added chemicals to make them taste better and last longer.
And guess how many studies there have been on the consequences of all possible chemical interactions in the foods we eat.
Because it’s just not feasible to test all possible combinations.
And it’s not just about what’s added to processed foods. It’s just as important to consider that many essential nutrients are often removed before the food ever hits our plates.

So How Do We Solve The American Diet And Its Side Effects?

As with so many things, there is no miracle cure. But there is a way to use your diet to improve your health:
The answer is to make your own meals with ingredients you have control over because you put them there yourself.
Is it more work to do this?
Is it worth it?
YES! Study after study has shown that people who regularly eat home-cooked meals lead healthier lives.
There are some people who claim it is too much work or too expensive to do this. It certainly is more time consuming to cook for yourself than to just heat something up in the microwave.
But is the time saved really worth the health lost?
And though buying ingredients may add some cost to your weekly grocery bill, the savings from reduced medical bills and fewer prescriptions will more than make up for this.
And the improved quality of life, especially as you age, will be priceless.

Mother Nature Got It Right

When it comes to providing what our bodies need, Mother Nature knows her stuff.
It was only when humans started messing with our natural food sources that our foods started working against us rather than for us.
Along with a diet rich in whole foods, adaptogens can go a long way towards improving overall health. Our adaptogens are sourced from 100% organic, wild-grown plant sources. In other words, they are whole foods.
Our adaptogens are perfect just the way they are found in nature, so we don’t add any sugar, fat, gluten, or other substances to them before they are delivered to you.
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