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5 Secrets to Achieving Better Energy Naturally

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: “I need more energy!” Or… “I’m so tired!” Or… “Oh, to be young again!” These are common phrases we hear from coworkers, friends, family, and – let’s face it – ourselves. Almost everyone you meet these days seems to be running low on energy and high on . . . read more.
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5 Benefits of Supplements

Mankind has a long-standing tradition of finding ways to use the herbs, roots, and minerals to bolster and improve overall health. In fact, there is evidence to support the theory that even cavemen understood the medicinal properties of the plants in their environment and made use of them. Though it is clear that natural supplements . . . read more.
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Best Adaptogens

Adaptogens are fairly new in the world of natural supplements. They are growing rapidly in popularity due to their effectiveness, but it is still common for many people to hear the word “adaptogen” and think, “what-ogen?” What are Adaptogens? We’re glad you asked. Adaptogens get their name from their unique ability to help the human . . . read more.
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How To Improve Overall Health Holistically

We all know that we should strive to be healthier. But what does that even mean? When you compare the average health of an adult today to one that lived 100 years ago, some interesting things jump out at you: Deaths from pneumonia and influenza have dropped markedly. Pneumonia was the leading cause of death . . . read more.
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Tips For Improving Sleep

Sleep is a crucial part of a happy, healthy life. Without enough sleep, we are more prone to physical and mental stress, illness, and injury. Sleep is the body’s opportunity to repair damage and recharge. It plays a vital role in our mental state and our ability to learn new things. If sleep is so . . . read more.
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Benefits of Whole Food Plant Based Diet

It doesn’t take a genius to see that the health of the average American has declined over the years. All it takes is a walk down Main Street in any town or city in the country where you will see overweight, under-exercised people everywhere. Did you know that roughly one third of the adult population . . . read more.
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How To Set Health Goals…And Achieve Them!

There are just about as many health trends and miracle diets out there as there are days in the year. You’ve probably seen the meme that goes something like: Eat lots of protein and avoid carbs. But be sure to carbo load and don’t starve yourself…except when you are intermittently fasting. Don’t drink too much . . . read more.
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How To Maintain Healthy Adrenals Naturally

The adrenal glands are the unsung heroes of the human body. They get a bad rap because of their association with stress, but without them, we would lack the fight-or-flight response that has kept humans alive through the ages. But what exactly are adrenal glands? And do we really have to pay that much attention . . . read more.
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Adrenal Fatigue – Fact or Fiction?

These days it is common to hear the term “adrenal fatigue” thrown around in alternative medical circles.  It is a term used to identify a condition in which a person’s adrenal glands no longer function at an optimum level, causing a whole host of body issues. A quick Google search reveals that there are conflicting . . . read more.
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