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Herbs that Cure Jet Lag

Herbs that Cure Jet Lag


The Science-backed Ultimate Jet Lag Buster: BOOSTme® Adaptogen Formula

If you’ve ever flown long distance — even just one time — you’ve probably experienced something we all call jet lag. Jet lag isn’t just feeling tired or groggy after a long flight. It actually has a technical name — desynchronosis. Desynchronosis is just a fancy term used to describe the uncomfortable symptoms you experience after traveling through more than one time zone. It’s jet lag.
You already know that air travel can be incredibly stressful on your body — not to mention on your mood.
Ever notice how thrilled people look at the airport? Hint: they don’t! They’re tired, moody, dehydrated, and lackluster.
Ever felt that way traveling? I’d be surprised if you haven’t!
Here’s the deal… If you travel often and you notice you feel tired and your mood suffers, then here’s something you should know…

What Exactly Causes Jet Lag, Anyways?

How much jet lag hurts you depends on 2 main factors:
  • How long your flight is
  • And which direction you’re traveling in.
Interesting, right?
Jet lag symptoms actually get worse when you travel east (like from the U.S to Europe), because of this:
You “lose hours” when a time zone is several hours ahead of where you started out.
Losing hours from your day confuses your body’s circadian rhythm — which is your internal clock that dictates when you should sleep or stay awake.
Let me be clear:
Flying east causes your body NOT to know when it should feel tired or not.
Your internal clock goes out of balance — out of whack — and disrupts all these:
  • Your appetite
  • Your energy
  • Your alertness
  • And your digestive system.
So flying can do some harm to your body, mood, and energy!
Moreover —
Flying over multiple time zones heavily disrupts your sleeping habits and can cause you to lose sleep for many nights even after you’re done traveling.
So even when you’re done flying, you still risk losing rest (and energy).
Crazy, right?
So basically —
Jet lag occurs due to a mis-match between your body’s biological clock and the time zone of where you’re traveling to.
And this may go without saying…
But jet lag also hurts your ability to be energetic and perform well in life — again, even after you’re done traveling!
Here’s how:
The body’s biological clock falls behind (due to flying), which affects key glands in the brain (called the pineal and pituitary glands). Your glands get confused (because of the time difference), and your body doesn’t know when it should be awake or when it should get tired and go to sleep…
So you’re feeling tired, confused, and groggy at a glandular level — but all you know is you feel tired and not good!
You probably didn’t realize jet lag was the culprit. 
In fact, here are all of the symptoms of jet lag:
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Fatigue
  • Difficulty falling and remaining asleep
  • Frequent awakenings
  • Headaches
  • Poor concentration
  • Depressed mood
  • Irritability
  • And even gastrointestinal symptoms are also common.
That’s a LONG list of health defects all, in some way, attributable to jet lag.

Jet Lag And Little-Known Chronic Health Problems

Being regularly jet lagged is not only about feeling tired…
Per, common symptoms of repetitive jet lag can include:
  • Digestive symptoms (constipation, indigestion, diarrhea, bloating, and acid reflux)
  • Loss of appetite
  • Brain fog
  • A lack of concentration and focus
  • Confusion
  • Dizziness
  • Irritability
  • Fluctuations in body temperature and sweating
  • Irregular periods for women
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
So flying often can contribute to ALL those above problems. Crazy, right?
In fact —
Traveling regularly across multiple time zones can harm your body long-term in ways you may not have realized.
According to research done by the University of California at Berkeley, chronic jet lag may be linked to long-term cognitive impairment, meaning:
  • Having trouble remembering
  • Learning new things
  • Concentrating
  • Or making decisions that affect your everyday life.
Jet lag can negatively affect your mind and ability to think and operate clearly.
Case in point:
In a study done on flight attendants, jet lag was shown to elevate stress levels and impair mental function.
The cabin (in flight) crew group, who had a history of repeated jet lag, showed significantly higher salivary cortisol levels (stress!) in an average working day than the on-the-ground crew — meaning:
They were more stressed and tired merely because they were flying.
So get this:
In a study of 162 commercial pilots reported by Occupational Medicine, it was found that 75% of them were affected by extreme fatigue while flying. That’s 3 out of 4 pilots extremely exhausted.
Scary, right?
Then get this:
In another study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, more than 3,200 people were evaluated over a 10-year period in order to find out how chronic jet lag affected them…
And here’s what was discovered:
Chronic jet lag — combined with late-night shift work — disturbs your natural circadian rhythms (remember, your internal clock which dictates when you sleep and how well rested you feel!), which contributes to a variety of health and social problems…
Like these:
  • Ulcers
  • Cardiovascular issues
  • Breast cancer
  • Metabolic syndrome
  • And reproductive difficulties.
In other words:
All the above health problems have been linked to chronic jet lag
Not to mention a decrease in safety and productivity!!

My Own Nearly Fatal Experience With Chronic Jet Lag

Now, on a very personal note…
I know firsthand how incredibly harmful chronic jet lag can be on your health, life, and family.
For over 20 years, I traveled between 100,000 and 200,000 miles per year across 35 countries as a public speaker.
In 2014 alone, I flew a record of 210,000 miles —
From Russia to South America to Taiwan, with multiple stops in Europe.
I slept as much in planes as I did in a regular bed.
I barely saw my family, and I never slept in our Florida home more than 10 days at a time.
(To say my family life suffered at the time is an understatement!!)
Of course —
All this travel was GREAT for my work and my passion…but as you can imagine —
By the end of that year, I was a physical wreck.
My body hit a severe state of unbearable fatigue due to:
  • My extensive, on-the-go speaking schedule
  • My constant traveling to and fro (across many time zones!)
  • My bad eating of over-salted foods in planes and hotels
Sounds a little crazy, right?
Truth was…
I was as proud as I could be of my work…
It was undeniable that my body hit rock bottom.
No matter how many supplements I would take or how many hours of sleep I would try and get —
I was 100% drained physically and mentally.
Ever feel that way?
When you travel across multiple time zones, you are exposed to extremely stressful conditions believe it or not, which creates something I had to learn about the hard way…

The Hidden Culprit In Fatigue And Chronic Let Lag

It’s called “adrenal fatigue syndrome,” and I’m going to explain it right now to you…
Your adrenal glands (you have 2, located on both sides of your midsection) produce critical hormones that help your body do the following:
  • Control blood sugar
  • Burn protein and fat
  • React to stressors like a major illness or injury
  • And regulate blood pressure.
Adrenal fatigue syndrome means your adrenal glands — like a gas tank in your car — are DRAINED. On empty.
0% energy.
Adrenal fatigue syndrome is caused by the kind of chronic stress traveling across multiple time zones causes…
Your adrenal glands get overworked — and depleted — when dealing with constant stress.
Stress, like…
  • Long working hours.
  • Traveling.
  • Environmental pressure.
  • Other life stressors.
Any of that sound familiar?
All these very common stressors cause your adrenal glands to lose power and become less efficient in keeping up with the demands of the body — not to mention your life!
More signs of adrenal insufficiency can include:
  • Constant fatigue (even after a good night of sleep)
  • Body aches
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Low blood pressure
  • Lightheadedness
  • And much more.
Any of those symptoms sound familiar?
Well, here’s the thing:
Adrenal fatigue can lead to chronic fatigue — meaning, being utterly exhausted all. the. time.
Sounds awful, right?
Now get this:
Chronic fatigue is VERY easy to get, unfortunately.
For example:
Have you ever missed one night’s sleep and felt terrible the next day? Who hasn’t, right??
Well, guess what:
Chronic fatigue can result when you never correct your loss of that one night’s sleep properly!
If you normally sleep for 7-8 hours, that is how much sleep you need to catch up on for one missed night’s sleep.
And if you don’t catch up those 7-8 hours of sleep —
You invite chronic fatigue to set up shop in your body and drag YOU down.
So here’s a tip:
When you travel through different time zones, here’s the #1 gotta-have rule you need to know to maintain your energy and vitality in life…
It takes one day to recover for each hour of time change.
If you miss a normal night’s sleep (when you travel overnight Eastbound) it can take one FULL WEEK to recover.
If you miss a number of full night’s quality sleep, sleep deprivation begins to stack up, and you start to develop chronic fatigue with ALL its associated health problems (that were listed above!).
Now if sleeping for a full day after traveling sounds undoable, I completely understand…
Thankfully —
You don’t have to stop flying and living your life to beat chronic jet lag and fatigue.
Remember, I was personally in your shoes not too long ago… I felt extremely frustrated by my endless fatigue and travel schedule.
But obviously:
I knew I wasn’t going to just stop traveling and living my life and working.
That wasn’t an option for me, and I’m guessing not for you either.
That’s why if you’re in a position where you can’t just STOP your life, then keep reading…
There is a solution to help you that I’ve personally vetted and use and which 100% changed my life.

The Most Powerful Natural Remedy Against Stress From Jet Lag

At the end of 2014 (the year I flew over 210,000 miles), I was formally diagnosed with adrenal deficiency.
My adrenal glands were drained —
My body literally could not keep me going, and I was EXHAUSTED.
I was prescribed bags of supplements in an attempt to nurture my adrenal glands back to health — bags of pills to keep my energy up so I could continue working, traveling, and supporting my family.
But, funny:
I didn’t like choking downs 20 supplements everyday.
Not exactly fun, as I’m sure you can agree!
Logistically, lugging around sooo many supplements was difficult to organize and pack with all that traveling I was still doing – a LOT.
So I needed a simpler solution —
Something I could easily take everyday that would give me:
  • More energy
  • Which would keep me going
  • Yet actually address my adrenal glands which were burnt out.
Here’s where my life finally got better…
I was introduced by a friend to a unique “adaptogen” formula called BOOSTme®.
And that’s when I realized:
I had no idea what these things called “adaptogens” even were!
(And I pride myself on knowing a LOT about health.)
So here’s the definition of “adaptogens” straight from Merriam-Webster Dictionary:
Adaptogen — a non-toxic substance, and especially a plant extract, that increases the body’s ability to resist the damaging effects of stress, and promote or restore normal physiological functioning.
In other words:
Adaptogens are natural herbs that work with a person’s body to help them adapt to stress better —
Hence, the name: ADAPTogen.
I was shocked to learn that adaptogens offer all these incredible benefits:
  • Lowering cortisol levels (good-bye stress!)
  • Regenerating brain cells
  • Alleviating depression and anxiety
  • Protecting heart health
  • Protecting the liver
  • Preventing and fighting cancer
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Protecting against radiation
  • Balancing the immune system
  • Decreasing fatigue
Amazing, right?
I was thrilled to discover this fact:
When it comes to alleviating jet lag symptoms, adaptogens are hands-down the #1 remedy.
Here’s my story of how herbal adaptogens — specifically the one-supplement formula in BOOSTme — helped me personally…
After I started taking BOOSTme, about one week later, I felt my energy going through the roof
And not just for a day or two, but for whole days at a time.
My energy utterly skyrocketed!!!
Needless to say I was pretty excited that I was gaining back SOOOOO much energy that had leached from my life…
But I had to admit:
Would BOOSTme hold up to the test of time?
I still had to travel the following year — and yes, still hundreds of thousands of miles.
Maybe BOOSTme was only a jolt of energy?
Obviously I had doubts, like I’m sure you do when you hear about a new “miracle” supplement on the market…
I did NOT suffer from stress, fatigue, and exhaustion anymore.
Not only was I so happy… but I was kind of shocked!
You have to understand, I was exhausted for YEARS and living in a sort of trap.
I HAD to work, travel, support my family, and it’s like my body was fighting against me.
So if you are frustrated with exhaustion, definitely understand:
I’ve been where you are.
I would be SO burnt out tired on my brief breaks at home that my sons would want to play with me, and I could barely play with them.
NOTHING is more depressing than not having enough energy to play with your children…
So when I started taking BOOSTme and experienced more energy that lasted, and that made me more resilient to my work schedule?
It was literally like my life had changed.
Now get this:
Throughout the remainder of the year I had started taking BOOSTme, as well as the next several years, here’s the good news:
I did NOT have to address my adrenals with doctor’s visits, additional supplements, medications or anything else –
My adrenals and general health have been in tip top shape, and I have felt FANTASTIC…
And remember:
I’m still flying a TON, working around the clock, and flying…
  • I’m not burned out
  • Not exhausted
  • I’m truly energetic
  • And I finally feel alive and FREE!
Here’s why that’s even more exciting…
I’m 61 yet I feel younger than I did 15-20 years ago!!!
So that’s why I’m sharing this unique BOOSTme formula with everyone I know and love.
Hey, if you find something that works, why not help others, too?

The BOOSTme Formula: Approved By Actual Astronauts In Outer Space

I’m sure you can relate:
When you hear about a new supplement, you probably think:
“Oh geez, now what.”
There’s frankly NO shortage of new supplements that promise the moon and river but flat-out FAIL to deliver results.
Ever spent money on any health supplement, powder, or potion and noticed NOTHING (except a void in your wallet)?
I’m guessing if you’ve read this far —
You probably don’t want to waste your time and money and just want to feel better, right?
So when I started taking BOOSTme, I had find out what was inside it…
  • Was it healthy?
  • Would it stand the test of time?
  • Or would I go back to feeling burnt out and tired?
After I did some research, I was pretty surprised, I have to say!
Turns out:

BOOSTme contains THE most potent, primary adaptogen herbs, found ONLY in the high-altitude Altai mountains of Siberia, if you can believe it!

They are 100% natural and wild-crafted.
These are NOT your standard garden herbs you’ll find anywhere in the Western Hemisphere.
BOOSTme’s formula contains a powerful formula of adaptogen herbs that, when combined and taken consistently, will revitalize your body and increase your stamina.
But this isn’t just “sales” talk here…
BOOSTme’s proprietary formula was developed by a Russian scientist who was involved in the long-term space exploration program. Outer space, that is.
Get this:
Astronauts who beat the WORLD record in length of time spent in space (more than 2 years) were actually taking the BOOSTme formula while gravitating around the Earth more than 1,000 times.
So BOOSTme isn’t some low-level, not-thought-out supplement we’re talking about here.
Astronauts took it, and beat a world record while surviving in space.
I believe knowing what is INSIDE what you eat and supplement with is VERY important, so that’s why I’m sharing the research I found out…

What herbs help with jet lag?

The 4 primary adaptogens that comprise BOOSTme are downright legendary for their amazing abilities to cancel out the negative effects of jet lag.
They are called primary adaptogens for good reasons:
  • Increasing and modulating the flow of energy throughout the day
  • Decreasing feelings of stress
  • Increasing endurance
  • Supporting mental alertness
  • Promoting deep, restful sleep
Here are the 4 miraculous adaptogens in the BOOSTme formula:

The Reflex Manager Schisandra Chinensis – Limonnik

The Stamina Booster Rhodiola Rosea – Golden root

The Recovery Stimulator Eleutherococcus Senticosus – Siberian Ginseng

The Muscle Maker Leuzea Carthamoides – Maral root

There is a ton of published scientific studies on each of these 4 adaptogens, not to mention testimonials online you can see. These four adaptogen herbs you probably were unfamiliar with before, can not only help you gain back energy and fight jet lag, but help your ENTIRE body become stronger and more alert!

Feel Better Than Ever By Beating Jet Lag And Fatigue For Good

Here’s what I found works to conquer jet lag once and for all:
First, start taking BOOSTme a few days before traveling.
Here’s why:
BOOSTme is factually a maintenance product for very active people.
It helps your body thrive through the environmental, physical, and emotional sources of stress that we ALL encounter in our daily lives…
So you want to prepare your body for the oncoming stress by boosting it with adaptogens BEFORE you travel.
Personally, I take a double dose of BOOSTme when I know I’m going to travel eastbound:
  • 4 capsules before I board
  • 4 capsules when I land
  • And another 4 capsules that evening.
Over the next few days at my destination, I take 2 to 4 capsules to maintain my energy…
And when I fly back home, I take another double dose.
This regimen has worked for me, and remember:
I travel hundreds of thousands of miles per year — yet at 61, I feel GREAT!
Here’s what I want to leave you with:
BOOSTme is worth a try. I’ve personally used this supplement for 5 years, and NOTHING else has helped me gain energy and feel better despite my crazy work and life schedule.
If you’re wanting more energy without depleting other areas of your body, then try BOOSTme…
It’s the real deal when nothing else helps — and that’s from my own personal experience, and endless clinical studies.
To your health,
Patrick Valtin,
Try BOOSTme and don’t worry about jet lag again!

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