Great product

BOOSTme for Him

I can focus better and gives me energy to start the day in full swing!!

Mary C

A lot more energy in a very natural way.

BOOSTme NOW! (12 count)

This product really helped me to have a lot more energy, but in a very natural way, without feeling stimulated, like when you drink too much coffee. I felt very, very calm, but energized and very focused at the same time. I was much more productive because of this product.


I’m picky and I liked it

BOOSTme NOW! (12 count)

Must say I have only taken two of these shots so far, but I certainly noticed them. I got a great rush of energy that lasted a while and I didn’t notice a crash.

I’m a picky eater and really watch what I put into my body. So these seemed like a must try as they are as healthy as it gets.

They did the job for me that is for sure.

Amber Eisenman

BOOSTme for men

BOOSTme for Him

I am a Registered Nurse so I have spent years in human healthcare. I have also been skeptical of nutraceuticals, vitamins etc. I’m a traditionalist so to speak. If it’s not a prescribed medication I never believed it did really very much. With prescription drugs generally if they are prescribed correctly and for the proper indication they should work.

I have tried everything for my Prostate and yes some of the meds like Flomax type drugs helped me urinate better. However when I began taking BOOSTme unless I am imagining it which I don’t think I am it has helped me immensely. I’m also sleeping better which helps in fatigue as the day goes on. I just feel more awake along with feeling a bit less agitated or nervous. I really like this product and will continue taking it.

Burton Diamond

It’s a calming natural boost.

BOOSTme for Her

Other products that “boost” me usually leave me feeling more tired after a couple of hours. But not Boostme, I barely feel the up but it there in a calming way that seems to just last without any tiredness later.

Greg Moore

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