Hydration Challenge

We will be hosting health challenges every month here at BOOSTme! BOOSTme Adaptogens take some time to work with your body and bring balance to your cells. Sometimes, if you have been under chronic stress it can take a bit longer. This is why we encourage new users to take BOOSTme for four weeks to . . . read more.
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BOOSTme Challenge

Hey there! This is Jen, Community Manager here at BOOSTme! I am just about complete on a 4 week challenge of taking BOOSTme every day to see how I feel. Adaptogens don’t change things drastically overnight. I mean, we have had users report instant results like sleeping 7 hours for the first time in years . . . read more.
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Everyday Hero: Natalia

Natalia was struggling after her second baby to have enough energy to care for a newborn while also chasing a toddler. This was when she discovered BOOSTme and began taking the BOOSTme Adaptogen formula regularly. This is what she had to say about taking BOOSTme – “BOOSTme has been my saving grace. As a mother . . . read more.
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BOOSTme 4 Week Challenge

Forming New Habits It takes time for new habits to develop. This is true of everything from establishing a proper bedtime for my kids to ensuring I hit deadlines at work always a little bit early. Many times I start a new routine like a supplement or decision to just drink more water and it . . . read more.
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Everyday Hero: Anne Caroline Valtin

At BOOSTme we believe in the Everyday Heroes who are making a difference in society. This is why today we are featuring Anne Caroline Valtin. Anne is a champion for human rights and community service. Currently she is organizing an event with the Great Charity Challenge to deliver over 1 million dollars to local charities! . . . read more.
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