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Consistent use of BOOSTme Adaptogens creates HOMEOSTASIS

What’s Homeostasis? Homeostasis is the body’s ability to continuously monitor its internal conditions to maintain a stable environment. Meaning your hormones, stress levels, body temperature, blood pressure, nutrient levels, etc. stay in balance and in a healthy range when your body is in homeostasis.  If for any reason your conditions tend to fluctuate, your adaptive . . . read more.
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Have you heard about our BOOSTme challenge?

Our BOOSTme challenge means taking BOOSTme EVERYDAY for 30-days to guarantee increased performance levels, energy, better sleep quality & decreased stress. Doesn’t that sound AMAZING? Well, here is your chance to start October BOOSTme challenge! All month on social media & email we will be sharing tips and tricks to stay healthy and lower stress . . . read more.
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The Energy Boost I Needed

Mid-afternoon crashes are real & they are a struggle most people deal with on a regular basis. Especially if you work a full-time job or have irregular sleep patterns. That’s exactly what was happening to our BOOSTme user, Bridgett. Working a 9-5, indoors & staring at a computer all day can cause daily exhaustion. The . . . read more.
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BOOSTme Golden Elixir Organic Liquid Vitamins

BOOSTme Golden Elixir Organic Liquid Vitamins BOOSTme is very proud to announce the release of our new product Golden Elixir Organic Liquid Vitamins! We were unable to find a liquid vitamin that met our standards of performance, absorption, taste and quality ingredients, so we decided to produce one. Our vitamins have many benefits that you . . . read more.
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Happy Mother’s Day!

The BOOSTme Mothers would like to wish you all a very Happy Mother’s Day! We know being a mother, running a business and supporting our family & friends takes a lot of energy. All mothers everywhere are true super heroes! We are happy to have BOOSTme to help keep us in balance, energized and feeling . . . read more.
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What to Do When You Fall Off Track

    What do you do when you fall off track? We have all been there. With enthusiasm we start a new health program, begin taking supplements or decide to start exercising only to find ourselves a few days or weeks later back in old patterns.  I personally have dedicated myself towards taking my vitamins . . . read more.
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Hydration Challenge

We will be hosting health challenges every month here at BOOSTme! BOOSTme Adaptogens take some time to work with your body and bring balance to your cells. Sometimes, if you have been under chronic stress it can take a bit longer. This is why we encourage new users to take BOOSTme for four weeks to . . . read more.
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BOOSTme Challenge

Hey there! This is Jen, Community Manager here at BOOSTme! I am just about complete on a 4 week challenge of taking BOOSTme every day to see how I feel. Adaptogens don’t change things drastically overnight. I mean, we have had users report instant results like sleeping 7 hours for the first time in years . . . read more.
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Natalia—The Super Mom

Natalia was struggling after her second baby to have enough energy to care for a newborn while also chasing a toddler. This was when she discovered BOOSTme for her and began taking the BOOSTme regularly. She noticed an increase in her energy levels and was more alert and focused on what her kids were doing. . . . read more.
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