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BOOSTme for Him

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The Adaptogen Formula For Feeling Awesome. Boost performance, speed downtime after workouts, increase energy and improve sleep with an adaptogen blend that naturally benefits your overall health.

Wild-crafted and grown in the high altitude of the Altai Mountains in Russia, where adaptogens were first discovered, this adaptogen-blend supplement is a specially designed formula to support a man’s overall health and wellbeing.

Benefits of The BOOSTme Adaptogen Blend:

Golden Root (Rhodiola Rosea Extract)—

  • Improves stress
  • Improves fatigue
  • Improves brain function
  • Improves exercise


Suma Root (Pfaffia Paniculata)—

  • Enhanced Energy and Stamina
  • Immune System Support
  • Hormonal Balance and Vitality
  • Inflammation Support
  • Antioxidant Protection


Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus)—

  • Increases energy
  • Reduces fatigue
  • Improves cognitive function
  • Enhances exercise performance
  • Improves circulation
  • Stabilizes blood sugar levels


Limonnik (Schisandra Chinesis)—

  • Reduces stress
  • Supports the nervous system
  • Improves lung and liver function
  • Supports inflammation
  • Anti-aging qualities

BOOSTme for Him is an all-natural, proprietary blend of the best adaptogens on the market: Golden root (Rhodiola Rosea extract), Suma Root (Pfaffia Paniculata), Siberian ginseng (Eleutherococcus Senticosus), and Limonnik (Schisandra Chinesis). Our wild-crafted Primary Adaptogen blend is an herbal supplement for stress and a healthy energy booster.

BOOSTme for Him contains no gluten, no trans-fat, and no added sugar. It comes in easily swallowed capsules that are taken twice a day.

Quality Guarantee

Certified potency and purity from natural and wild-crafted origin. Satisfaction Guaranteed.

Allergen Statement

This product does not contain any of the major food allergens: milk, eggs, fish, crustacean shell fish, tree nuts, wheat, peanuts or soybeans. Gluten free.

  • For maintenance purposes, take 1 to 2 capsule twice daily.
  • Under extreme conditions (work, travel, physical exercise, etc.), take 2 to 3 capsules twice a day or as directed by your healthcare professional.

Hate swallowing pills? Add it to a smoothie!

Store in a cool, dry place.

For adult use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Pregnant or nursing women, or anyone taking medication or who has a medical condition should consult a healthcare professional before using this or any other dietary supplement.

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“I’m satisfied…!” Yes it is great and I will continue to use and share my results. icjr

I can focus better and gives me energy to start the day in full swing!!

I am a Registered Nurse so I have spent years in human healthcare. I have also been skeptical of nutraceuticals, vitamins etc. I’m a traditionalist so to speak. If it’s not a prescribed medication I never believed it did really very much. With prescription drugs generally if they are prescribed correctly and for the proper indication they should work. I have tried everything for my Prostate and yes some of the meds like Flomax type drugs helped me urinate better. However when I began taking BOOSTme unless I am imagining it which I don’t think I am it has helped me immensely. I’m also sleeping better which helps in fatigue as the day goes on. I just feel more awake along with feeling a bit less agitated or nervous. I really like this product and will continue taking it.

I tried it out when I wasn’t getting great sleep and used it to get off caffeine. It took about three days of taking it to really notice the difference, and the more remarkable changes were it became easier to fall asleep, and I stopped feeling tired by 2-3pm. It’s definitely not a SUDDEN fix though, as it took about 3 days to start really noticing these changes. I definitely recommend giving it a try if you have trouble sleeping, or get very lethargic in the afternoons but don’t want to use caffeine.

Wow, I immediately feel the effects of this. I’m so much less stressed and also have energy to tackle the day. Can’t believe I only found this now. This will be used for my morning routine from now on.

One of my best purchases from amazon! Was skeptical at first but after taking them for 2 weeks I can genuinely say these really do help me daily! Highly recommend if you haven’t tried them yet!

I really like this product. My energy levels are more even and it’s a clean feeling.

I tend to be skeptical when I hear about a new and supposedly helpful health aid. I’ve seen a lot of them come and go over the years, and rarely do they deliver. I have been astonished at how different BOOSTme has been. I started taking the Men’s formula back in February. It took a couple of weeks for my system to get enough where I could feel the impact. It has been astonishing. My energy levels are much higher. When I sleep it is much more restful. My overall sense of calm and wellbeing are wonderful! Then I went and saw my doctor for my annual physical. His first question to me was “what have you been doing?” My cholesterol had dropped greatly, my kidney function was much improved after years of having moderate impairment. I’m not going to absolutely state that it was all because of BOOSTme – but the timing sure implies a connection. I am now firmly convinced of the effectiveness and power of BOOSTme, and it is a fixture in my daily routine!

I have used this now for 2 years every day 4 capsules/day. I can’t miss it!! When i forget to take it in the morning, I feel the effect instantly: feel tiredness, sleepy, my energy goes down, focus is gone… this helps me to keep my energy on a good level. I recommend it to everyone who wants to stay energetic and young!

I feel (I think) better……..have to admit that my physical condition is very good. But still using the product and finding out what the effect is when I’m really really worn out.

I noticed a positive change right away and will continue to use this product

I have been taking this product as prescribed – 1 or 2 capsules twice daily – and I can honestly report that my energy levels have been significantly increased. The product delivered exactly what it was intended to do. My afternoon need to nap has simply disappeared. My productivity has risen. I’m more active. I would recommend this product to anyone without reservation.

Love this product! Has helped me ween off coffee!!

This BOOSTme REALLY works. I have more energy, sleep like a dead man and when I travel to other time zones there is not a hint of jet lag. I used to get drowsy after dinner and had no energy to do anything. Now I have plenty of energy to do things I enjoy doing. What a remarkable product!

As a Chiropractor and Nutritionalist I am always looking for products that work and help my patients do better. BOOSTme is easy to use and my patients get the results they are looking for from this product. The adaptogens provide balance for the Adrenal system. This helps the body to handle any kind of stress that may hit it. The product will Boost the body to do better without giving some kind of false “buzz”. I recommend that anyone use the product that wants to feel better, have better performance, and support better health.

I love these things. I take them every night and morning as directed and it honestly makes me feel so much livelier. I go to bed much easier and wake up way sooner. I don’t have to click snooze on my alarm anymore as I wake up more fresh and ready for the day. I’m not as cranky and it helps me have a more natural feeling of energy throughout the day. These make all the difference in how I feel and start the day and so it’s part of my daily routine.

It’s rare that I find myself wanting to promote any product or service. That’s why you should seriously take a look at BOOSTme. After only a few days of taking it, I find myself more focused while working (increased business ROI), exercising (reduced risk of injury), and family time. The team behind BOOSTme has created a truly amazing product here that should definitely be a part of any supplementation routine. As someone who exercises 1.5-2 hours daily, I take Fish Oil, Cal-Mag, and Vitamin D. Adding this to my regimin has definitely been worthwhile and I can feel the difference and improvement day to day.

I have become cynical about supplements… you spend a small fortune and you may or may not see a result. But from the first day I started taking BOOSTme I was actually surprised at how much energy I had. Amazing product and good value.

Boostme was recommended by a friend when I had told him that my workouts were resulting in longer recovery times and the subject of jet lag came up. He told me to try this and explained how “adaptogen’s do for the body. I tried this and after just tow days I was feels more alive, with a side benefit more sex drive. I used this on my next trip across the US and had NO jet lag. My wife and I took a trip to Europe with some friends. We primed ourselves with Boostme and no jet lag. Amazing product. I recommend it for anyone that stays in shape or in sports or anyone with the stress of their job getting to them. As I said before always take this boostme before a trip across time zones. You’ll be glad you did!

Fantastic product. I was looking for a healthy supplement to give me more energy and these were awesome. Will continue to use this product.

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