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Anne Caroline Valtin—The Voice for the People

Anne Caroline Valtin—The Voice for the People

Meet Anne Valtin

At BOOSTme we believe in the Everyday Heroes who are making a difference in society!
That is why we are featuring, Anne Caroline Valtin!
Anne is a champion for human rights and community service. She is a voice for those that are unable to speak up for themselves. She gives strength to those that need it. She advocates for the underdogs that are being overlooked. Her strength and courage makes her a powerful person in her community.

Raising Money For Charity

Currently, she is organizing an event with the Great Charity Challenge to deliver over 1 million dollars to local charities!
Even though, they cannot host a live event this year due to COVID-19, the show will be LIVE streamed on their Facebook page!
Enjoy the shows costumes, horses, show jumping and more; as if you were actually there!
To date, the Great Charity Challenge has distributed $14.8 million to local charities and they are not slowing down.
This is a huge undertaking that Anne handles with grace and kindness. She is so humble about her services and we are so grateful that there are people like Anne that keep making the world a better place.
BOOSTme applauds Anne for all she is doing for her community and her selfless work to uplift those around her!

Thank you Anne!

Learn more about the Great Charity Challenge Here – https://gcc.coth.com/page/2021-event
Great Charity Challenge

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