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How To Improve Overall Health Holistically

How To Improve Overall Health Holistically

We all know that we should strive to be healthier. But what does that even mean? When you compare the average health of an adult today to one that lived 100 years ago, some interesting things jump out at you:

  • Deaths from pneumonia and influenza have dropped markedly. Pneumonia was the leading cause of death in 1900, but as of 1997, it accounts for less than 5% of all deaths.
  • Modern medicine has reduced some diseases to mere footnotes in history. Tuberculosis used to be the number two killer. Now it isn’t even in the top ten.
  • Modern life has also come with some negative impacts on health. Heart disease has replaced pneumonia as the leading cause of death.
  • Cancer is now a close second.

So while modern medicine has improved life in many ways, some modern lifestyles are actually destroying health slowly.

If you are looking for a quick, overnight miracle cure, this isn’t the blog for you. When it comes to genuinely and sustainably improving health, it takes hard work and dedication.

But it is worth it.

If you want to improve health holistically, the main areas to focus on are sleep, exercise, and diet.


Sleep is the body’s opportunity to heal itself. You go through wear and tear during the day. Sleep is your body’s chance to repair the damage done.

People who get enough sleep (7-9 hours for most adults) are better able to fight infections and even cancer. In fact, according to U.S. News & World Report:

“A growing body of research into the connection between sleep and chronic diseases has noted that there could be an association between shut-eye and your chances of being diagnosed with an illness such as diabetes or cancer later on.”

Good sleep also slows the aging process and improves a person’s mental state. So getting enough sleep is a no-brainer.


The human body is designed to be actively used on a far greater scale than our current lifestyles allow for.

vThink back to caveman days. Our ancestors walked everywhere, hunted food, and built things with their bare hands.

Even going back only 100 years or so, nearly 100% of Americans lived on farms or in rural areas. They would be using their bodies from dawn until dusk.

vThese days only 1% of the population lives on farms. And most of them have automated systems and vehicles to do most of the work.

vIs this a bad thing? Not necessarily.

Does it lead to a more sedentary lifestyle? Most definitely.

Doing enough exercise keeps your core strong and greatly reduces the aches and pains you will encounter as you grow older.


What you put in your body matters. These days our food is filled with chemicals, fats, dyes, and empty carbs. It’s no wonder that heart disease, obesity, and cancer affect us at far higher rates than at any previous time in history.

In order to achieve true, sustainable health, you need to live and eat consciously. Vary your diet with many fresh, organic fruits and vegetables. Eat responsibly-farmed, organic meat.

Yes, your grocery bill may be slightly higher. But in many cases buying fresh ingredients and preparing your own meals can be cost-effective. And you will save thousands on future medical bills.


Another important but often overlooked factor in holistic health is the use of quality supplements. This is especially important if your lifestyle to date has led to deficiencies (nearly impossible to avoid these days.)

One of the best supplements you can take is a blend of adaptogens. Why?

Because they address internal imbalances and lead to an improvement in two of the categories mentioned above: quality sleep and energy production for exercise. They are also 100% organic and food-sourced, making them a great addition to any diet.

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