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Hydration Challenge

Hydration Challenge

We will be hosting health challenges every month here at BOOSTme!

BOOSTme Adaptogens take some time to work with your body and bring balance to your cells. Sometimes, if you have been under chronic stress it can take a bit longer. This is why we encourage new users to take BOOSTme for four weeks to fully experience what our amazing, wild-crafted and natural adaptogens will do for their vitality and health.

We just completed our first challenge in February. Users across the US and our very own community manager, Jennifer took BOOSTme every day for 4 weeks. The results were pretty great.

This March the challenge will be to take BOOSTme every day and combine that with proper hydration.

Water is so important for overall health and when you combine that with stress-busting, cortisol reducing adaptogens who knows what could happen?!

A special tip to ensure you keep your electrolytes in balance while drinking all that water is to add a pinch of sea salt and a squeeze of lemon to a few cups a day. It’s surprisingly refreshing!

We can’t wait to hear from our users on how they will do on the challenge!

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