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Stacy & Joy—Advocates for World Hunger

Stacy & Joy—Advocates for World Hunger

BOOSTme is very proud to acknowledge one of our Partners, Joy Gendusa, and singer, Stacy Francis!

Stacy is an american singer and actress. She was a finalist on the first season of The X Factor. She has appeared numerous times on television and has been part of musical groups and theater performances, like Footloose, for years.
This musically talented star grew up in Brooklyn, NY where she first-hand witnessed the lack of food and help in the most poverty-driven areas in her neighborhood. Instead of just being artistically talented, Stacy opened up her heart and mind to become an advocate for those in need!
Stacy opened up The Stacy Francis Music, Arts and Education Foundation to not only donate to charities, but physically delivery food to those who needed it most. Her mission was to improve the lives of families and children to brighten their futures.
This foundation became so near and dear to Stacy’s heart that she partnered with Joy to donate 100,000 meals to feed the children at Elnor Primary School in South Africa, where poverty is at it’s highest. From food, to toilet paper, more education, and a safe environment, were some of the things Stacy & Joy brought into their lives.
Stacy to this day, still visits Elnor Primary School, where she lifts up the kids spirits with arts and crafts and music.
Stacy’s heart is carried on her sleeve and we all know that everything she does is because she cares about the world becoming a better place!

It is people like Stacy and Joy who truly care about the wellbeing of others that make this world go round. These are the real, everyday HEROES!

At BOOSTme we believe in the heroes. Heroes do not always wear capes. They appear to be healthcare workers, teachers, artists and even the small business owners. Heroes are the people who work every day to uplift society and help those in need.

Heroes are all around us and we believe BOOSTme helps give heroes the energy they need to get the job done!

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