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The Energy Boost I Needed

The Energy Boost I Needed

Mid-afternoon crashes are real & they are a struggle most people deal with on a regular basis. Especially if you work a full-time job or have irregular sleep patterns.
That’s exactly what was happening to our BOOSTme user, Bridgett. Working a 9-5, indoors & staring at a computer all day can cause daily exhaustion. The lack of sunlight and strain on your eyes will have anyone ready for a nap by noon.
Bridgett explained, “I was having mid afternoon crashes so severe that if I didn’t have some form of caffeine, I was going to fall asleep at my desk! I never actually did, BUT I sure came close a few times. I’ve always known that caffeine was more or less a band-aid to my problem and it only made me slightly more awake and made me more anxious than I normally already am, that’s when I started looking into natural remedies & decided to give BOOSTme for Her a try.”
BOOSTme for Her is our Primary adaptogen formula that helps fight fatigue & gives you a natural energy boost. Adaptogens (short for “adaptogenic herbs”) are all-natural energy booster plants that have beneficial effects on the performance of your adaptive response system. Adaptogens keep your body running in homeostasis-harmony mode, and fight off fatigue.

So, no more “I’m always tired.”

No more, “I have no energy.”

No more “wiped,” “zonked,” “pooped,” or “lazy.”

After a few days of taking BOOSTme Primary Adaptogen Blend daily, Bridgett noticed a change almost immediately!
“I was having energy throughout the day. It was honestly shocking how fast my body reacted to it, in the best way possible! I don’t ever NEED caffeine. I now can enjoy it leisurely if I want it. I’m hooked on BOOSTme and plan on having it as part of my supplement regimen every day!”
BOOSTme Adaptogen Review for Adrenal Fatigue and stress relief    
If you feel like Bridgett, where you are struggling to stay awake every day, the mid-afternoon crashes are becoming a battle or you’re becoming dependent on caffeine…
then you need to try BOOSTme!
Don’t settle for feeling tired or exhausted all day long. All you need is the right fuel!
Taking BOOSTme everyday will give you your life back, filled with natural energy, so start feeling your best today!
To find out more on how Adaptogens give you energy, read our blog, “The Best Adaptogens for a Natural Energy Boost”

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