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Energy Shots That Really Work?

Energy Shots That Really Work?


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Energy Shots That Really Work?

Most energy shots might as well be pure sugar. They lift you up, but when the sugar high is done, you’re slammed right back where you were before. Why? Because you’re still tired/stressed/overworked/whatever you were before. And the best thing for energy ISN’T sugar. You need something that will address the reasons that you’re feeling tired/stressed/overworked/whatever you were before. Which is most likely chronic stress.

Get a quick energy boost without the crash!

So how do you fix that with a shot? Simple. Adaptogens. No, those aren’t new drugs — they’re simply plant extracts. Nature’s cure for what ails you.

Adaptogens have this amazing effect — basically, they take over where your body is slacking. BOOSTme® Now is a healthy energy boosting shot that contains the most effective of these adaptogens, to give you REAL energy — not just a rollercoaster up and down.

Warning: tongue twisters ahead!

Let’s start with Leuzea carthamoides root extract (say that 5x fast!). Scientific studies show that this extract increases physical performance and endurance, improves neurological transmissions and helps ATP production (the process your body uses to make energy from protein).

Then we have Rhodiola rosea root extract. This also improves ATP production, working side-by-side with the Leuzea. It’s been shown to improve endurance AND capacity for mental tasks. In testing swimmers to their exhaustion point, those given Rhodiola rosea were able to increase their swim duration by 25%!

Eleutherococcus senticosus — the next power-packed ingredient in BOOSTme Now — improves exercise performance.

And finally, extract from the Schizandra chinensis fruit. This has been proven to work as an antioxidant, chasing toxins out of your body, enabling it to do what it’s supposed to.

While each of these extracts has awesome power individually, the real magic happens when they’re put together, along with a small amount of caffeine from Guarana extract and green coffee.

Take note though, this is a LIMITED amount of caffeine. It’s just enough to give a leg up to the adaptogens. While a small amount gives you a little lift, large amounts are harmful for your health; leading to feeling jittery and shaky and ending up back where you started (or even worse) when the effect is gone.

We have chosen to use natural guarana extract and green coffee extract, both known as very effective energy boosters, fatigue busters as well as general alertness enhancers.

By combining the adaptogenic herbs with small caffeine extracts you get just the right boost for more energy now while simultaneously reducing your body’s stress and helping it stay energized long term, avoiding the dreaded crash!

When you add to this already impressive formula all-natural black cherry extract, you get toxin-busting power that keeps you going strong.

Cherries are a rich source of antioxidants. They help prevent or repair the damage that is done to the body’s cells by free radicals. Basically, antioxidants capture and replace free radicals in your body before they can cause any damage.

Cherry extract paired with the antioxidant powers of the Schizandra chinensis adaptogen arm your body to keep out the nasty toxins that drain your energy.

What other energy shot can say that?!

BOOSTme® NOW All-Natural Gel Shot Formula

BOOSTme NOW All-Natural Gel Shot is an ergogenic*/energy-boosting, 100% natural plant-based, proprietary formula from the best adaptogens – specifically developed for active adults who desire healthy energy boosters to maintain and improve their physical and/or mental performance under stressful conditions, without compromising their health.

Our BOOSTme NOW All-Natural Gel Shot is best used when you need a quick yet long-lasting burst of physical and/or mental energy, without the typical crash effect observed in most energy products available on the market. It contains absolutely no artificial/GMO ingredients, no transfat, no synthetic caffeine, no added sugar and is gluten-free.

*Ergogenic: energy-boosting; intended to enhance physical & mental performance or stamina.

How Does BOOSTme NOW All-Natural Gel Shot Work?

Energy metabolism is a key biochemical process occurring in our body to ensure optimal function of every organ at cellular level. The most important product of energy metabolism is adenosine triphosphate (ATP). ATP is present in all living tissue and is a universal source of energy for physiological processes such as muscular contraction.

It is synthesized/produced in the mitochondria (energy factory) of each cell.

It is scientifically demonstrated that reduced mitochondrial ATP production leads to reduced muscle protein metabolism. As a result, loss of power, physical activity, skeletal muscle mass and stamina are observed with advancing age or from repetitive, strenuous physical & mental stress.

The best anti-stress or anti-aging supplement would be one that reverses this ATP decline, meaning increased power, physical activity, muscle mass and energy metabolism.

The BOOSTme NOW All Natural Gel Shot formula has been scientifically documented to activate cellular energy metabolism. Energy metabolism is what determines the activity of all systems in the body. Our formula has clinically demonstrated to naturally counteract the process of mitochondrial ATP production decline (due to advancing age or repetitive strenuous physical/mental stress) – in other words a healthy energy booster that actually makes your body operate better!

Energy metabolism is of vital importance to people who are regularly involved in strenuous fitness/sport activities. During intense physical exercise, the capacity of ATP production in the mitochondria lags behind the energy requirement of working muscles.

Therefore, if ATP production can be naturally assisted and increased, a sensible improvement of physical performance is possible. To put it simply, you’ll see increased energy!

Thanks to the unique properties of our BOOSTme formula, intake of one single shot when in need of a sudden burst of energy has proven to improve physical and mental performance.

Combining natural caffeine with adaptogenic herbs for energy has proven to extend the duration of the stimulating effect and to expand the shot’s healthy energy boosting spectrum. Not to mention you get all the good-for-you benefits of the best adaptogens!

Add to that the cleansing and healing properties of the cherry extract and this is one energy shot that gives you WAY more than just a quick energy boost. You’re actually improving your body with every dose.

With BOOSTme NOW, you won’t just feel alert or energetic. You’ll BE alert and energetic. Without the crash at the end.

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