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What to Do When You Fall Off Track

What to Do When You Fall Off Track


What do you do when you fall off track?

We have all been there. With enthusiasm we start a new health program, begin taking supplements or decide to start exercising only to find ourselves a few days or weeks later back in old patterns. 

I personally have dedicated myself towards taking my vitamins and BOOSTme daily. However, sometimes I realize it’s been a few days and I am feeling tired and end up eating extra calories to make up for the lost energy and nutrients. 

The good thing is that no matter how bad off any situation is and no matter how many days you miss on your vitamins or daily exercise, one can always start anew. 

I find that beating myself up or feeling guilty about what I just ate, missing my vitamins or dropping out exercise for a week or two does nothing to actually resolve the situation. 

What works for me is just starting again. 

The body is something you need to keep continually created. It does not just roll on automatic. I find body care is something I consistently need to give myself new activities, interests and ideas in order to keep my interest high and myself motivated. 

These are my tips that help me get back on track when healthy habits fall out:

  1. Take BOOSTme as soon as I remember or at my first meal. BOOSTme works better when taken regularly and because it brings balance to your system you have more energy to do everything else. 
  1. Don’t beat myself up for the past and decide that today is a new day. 
  1. Realize that it will take about 3-10 days to establish a new habit. 
  1. Concentrate on the small successes or wins. When you concentrate on what is going right or good in your health journey that often promotes more things going right. 

So if you have fallen off track on your health it’s not too late! Make those small and big changes to get things going in the right direction. 

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